2k+ Followers

Hey guys! ❀️

You are all so awesome! Why? Well.. Look at this!! 

2054 followers? Am I dreaming? 😱 

I am so excited about this and I don’t even know why. I mean, I know how it’s not about the numbers and all that, but that number did make me happy. It may not be a lot for some of you guys, but it is a lot for me!

In my opinion, the blogging community is truly filled with the most genuine, kind and supportive people (who started off as strangers) I have ever had the privilege of meeting. 

It’s been only two months and a few days since my blogging journey began and you guys have been the best. 

I couldn’t possibly have been more enthusiastic and happy about my journey as a blogger if not for you guys. 

I reached my 10k visitors accomplishment recently too. It was amazing! 

Thank you for all the love, the support, the comments, the connections and basically everything else you have been blessing me with! 

Please continue to stick by me and my blog and bear with my lack of consistent quality work because I’m very busy with my exams (which are in two weeks). I’ll definitely be back on full swing once they are done with. (I’ll still be publishing posts though, so don’t go anywhere.) 

Thank you again and again! 

With Love. 

Here’s more articles about me (in case you are interested in getting to know me) –

Happy Reading!

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