Much love to you too! …

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Much love to you too!

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A Thank You Letter To God
Thank you so much! ❤️

A Thank You Letter To God
We all wish we have/had someone’s help when we are starting out! Much love to you too! ❤️

A Thank You Letter To God
Well first of all, I think the purple is a bit too of a dark colour to cover most of your blog. It hurts the eye of the reader. This is coming from a person who’s favourite colour is purple! Secondly, don’t show the entire post on the home page of your blog. This makes the reader just read all three posts and go. Whereas if you set it to an excerpt and then click on the article to read more, it’ll take your reader to the article itself and there’s more chance they’ve leave a comment too! I hope that made sense.. 😕

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I’m trying to limit the amount of blog posts per week to maintain quality. 😂

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Let’s End World Hunger
Thank you so much!

Question Of The Week – Q13
You can check my answer in the latest post! 😛

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I think so too. Sad, but I think people are gradually getting lazy to read off the internet too.

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