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It’s been forever since I updated my blog. Life just keeps happening, you know. Wait, lemme take that back. Life is not happening, life is banging across my face these days. There is so much on my plate I hardly have time to do anything. 😭

Now that I’ve written the “I’m back and hoping to be back for good” part, let’s get on with this post shall we?

Have you guys watched the movie ‘Wonder’? It was literally one of the most influential movies in 2017.

Trust me on this. No matter how ‘macho’ you are and all the excuses you have to not watch this, you got to watch it. Most definitely.

There are so many life lessons you can learn from ‘Wonder’ but something which I cannot seem to get off my head is Mr. Browne’s precept.

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First of all, what is a precept? 🤔

Precepts are life codes. It’s in a way a cool word for rules. “Rules for really important things”.

This is Mr. Browne’s famous precept in the movie ‘Wonder’.

When given the choice between being right or being kind, chose kind. 😊

I personally think every single one of us can learn from this precept and change everyones lives for the better.

While choosing to be kind may sound so easy, the problem is that humans have a natural instinct to be right. Everyone always want to be right. Why is that? I’m assuming that’s because it makes us feel good, wise maybe.

The thing is, when you chose to be kind all the time and give up the chance to be right, in a way you are being the bigger person. People love being right. Instead you should love being the bigger person. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and take this the wrong way now. 🙄

Being the bigger person means that you don’t let other people take control of your actions. It means your focus is on being a better person instead of being drowned in what others say or think about you. It means that instead of bashing out, you keep it in and ignore it. It means even though you don’t really have to be kind, you are being kind nonetheless.

Being the bigger person isn’t easy at all. It means you have to be more mature. It means even though you feel like slapping a person right across their face you smile and nod instead. It means that you have to pretend as if you didn’t hear the people you are giving a lift home shaming you and still give them that lift home and wave goodbye with a smile. It means you have to show love and compassion to people who are the most difficult to love. It’s like learning to accept an apology you never ever got. 💁🏻

I do get that ones take on this topic might be completely against mine. This is mainly because when you are hurt, you want to hurt that person back. Why? To make them feel the way you do.

Being the bigger person might seem like good advice to someone else, but when it’s your turn to be the bigger person it might seem like bullshit advice. That is exactly what we should work on. Why?

Hurting the person who hurt you makes you exactly like them. 😓

You don’t want to be like them. You hate the fact that people like them exist, so why would you want to increase the population of those people and include yourself in it?

Just think about it. Take as long as you want but think about it deeply.

If you were given the choice between being right or being kind, what would you chose? 😌

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6 thoughts on “Be The Bigger Person”

  1. I never heard of that movie (Is it on netflix ha ha ha), but I’ll put it on my list. That precept reminds me of something Dr. Phil used to ask, “would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?” He was referring to situations in which there was family disagreements, You can dig in your heels or you can reconcile. My interpretation of that was that one of the reasons you chose happiness is that maybe you weren’t right. I think that’s a good point here too. People always think they’re right, but if right conflicts with nice, then there’s probably something you’re not thinking of. Might as well let niceness be your guide. Any person’s concept of right is unreliable. Everyone thinks they’re right. Racists, think they’re right. By definition if you are judging anyone, you think you are right, but we should not judge. Because its not nice.

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