I never heard of that movie (Is it on netflix …

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I never heard of that movie (Is it on netflix ha ha ha), but I’ll put it on my list. That precept reminds me of something Dr. Phil used to ask, “would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?” He was referring to situations in which there was family disagreements, You can dig in your heels or you can reconcile. My interpretation of that was that one of the reasons you chose happiness is that maybe you weren’t right. I think that’s a good point here too. People always think they’re right, but if right conflicts with nice, then there’s probably something you’re not thinking of. Might as well let niceness be your guide. Any person’s concept of right is unreliable. Everyone thinks they’re right. Racists, think they’re right. By definition if you are judging anyone, you think you are right, but we should not judge. Because its not nice.

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Damn, just started blogging and already you have 136 comments. You must have told people you know about it ha ha. I don’t do that, because otherwise I wouldn’t feel free to speak my mind, unfortunately. But that’s because I’ve got secrets.