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19 Fantastic Food That Will Make You Maintain and Develop Muscle Mass

I love how random this reblog must be for you guys.

As you may know, since I am studying for my exams these days, I hardly have time to run about and stay fit. Also I am a major foodie. What happens when a foodie studies? They eat as much as (usually more than) they study.

And so, despite my very high metabolism, I feel like I’m slowly but surely getting chubby (or chubbier, I don’t really know).

I found this blog very insightful. Don’t know if it works, but definitely going to try it. To anyone out there just like me, go ahead, I know you want to give it a shot. 😉

Besides.. It’s good to live healthy anyway.

Source: 19 Fantastic Foods that will Make You Maintain and Develop Muscle Mass

What To Expect

Hey guys! 🙋

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

In this section, I’ll be reblogging posts I think are a very interesting read. This way you can have a sneak peak to what kind of reads I find intriguing. Also, I can promote my fellow bloggers! Let’s see how this goes!

With Love.

Make Your Blog Matter

Attention new bloggers! 👥

Most of you by now may have read a number of blogs about blogging. Why do I know that? I’ve been reading some as well. The first blog which popped up to my ‘reader’ was about blogging. And of course most of you might have googled ‘how to make your blog interesting’ just as I have.

With an understanding that you and I both know all them tips by heart, I’ll just make my message very short. Oh wait! Now that I think about it, there may be people who aren’t familiar with these tips, so I’ll help them out just a bit. Bear with me, the all knowing.

  1. Be genuine.
  2. Determine the purpose of your blog, and stick with it.
  3. Don’t be boring, make sure your blog has great content.
  4. Post regularly.
  5. Mix it up a bit. Try out a new type of content every month.
  6. Neither too short, nor too long – Make it just right.
  7. Post on weekdays, your readers are less likely to be online on weekends. 😉 (That’s a neat trick.)
  8. Make sure your content is SEO-friendly. Beginner’s Guide to SEO
  9. Use social media.
  10. Make your blog visually interesting.
  11. Don’t worry about the numbers. It’s always better to have followers (even a few) who are very keen about your blog.
  12. Be part of the blogging world.

That’s pretty much it.

Is it though?

Nah uh. It isn’t.

Behold.. The greatest tip of all time! (It’s not as great as I make it seem but here goes..)

ENJOY YOURSELF! Period! Enjoy writing! Enjoy sharing your thoughts! Heck, even enjoy pressing that ‘publish’ button. Just enjoy everything about it! Why is this so important? Because, at the end of a long tiring day, that’s what you’ll get back from blogging. Happiness. Pure joy.

I do understand how important it is that you make your blog matter to your readers. But it’s your blog, make it matter to you first! Then you can worry about the others.

Happy joyous blogging! 😇

With Love.


Why I Started Blogging

Aloha people!

How ya doing? This is the first most casual blog I’m writing (or rather typing). In this section I’ll be talking about random topics, tips on random topics, your suggestions (if there are any people reading my blog), and I don’t know.. I’ll surprise you I guess?

I’ll tell you a bit about myself, cuz connecting with people means you have to be transparent about who you are and how well you mean. My name is Nusrath. I’m an 18 year old girl (recently turned 18, so still hyped up about it). I was born and raised in Sri Lanka. I’m a Sri Lankan Malay. I am the eldest child in a family of five. I have one sister and one brother. Like I mentioned in my icebreaker, I’m a very forward and confident person. I love writing (and speaking) about topics I feel are very important. Capturing photographs is what I do in my pastime. I love capturing those moments you might never get again. My mum is my rock. She’s my inspiration. My dad is my biggest fan. My siblings are the typical siblings, adorable and annoying, but I love them to bits. I’m more of a what you’ll call a modern Muslim, I do believe in God completely, I try my best to follow my religion as much as I can, but I am also bold and fearless. I am ready to conquer the world (not literally, but get what I mean?).

As to why I started blogging, I always have wanted to but I needed that extra little push to get me started. I am writing my A/Ls this year. (If you are not familiar with that, in Sri Lanka that’s the final exam you have to sit for as a schooling student. It’s the exam which selects you for university. Sri Lanka provides free education, but to a limited number of students due to limited facilities, and to receive it you have to be one of the top achievers in the country.) So these days I am quite busy preparing for it. However, like any other student I found myself procrastinating. The worst part was I was procrastinating doing nothing. Just sitting and staring at oblivion. So I thought of turning to blogging to divert my procrastinating (or if I stop procrastinating, my well deserved breaks) to something useful, to something I’ve always wanted to do. And here I am.

I guess that’s enough about me for now. I don’t want to bore any of my readers to death. That’ll be terrible cuz I won’t have any readers after that, and it’ll be indirect homicide which I want no part of.

Until we meet again, adios amigo!

With Love.