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Question Of The Week – Q6

Can you describe your life with a six word sentence?

My answer to last week’s question –

I am a perfectionist. I take so long to arrange my room to make sure everything is perfectly done. If I put covers to books I make sure there are no creases whatsoever. If I draw a tiny line on my book by mistake, I make sure I erase it off (even though it isn’t even visible unless you look at it). I take quite a while to put my hijab on, just to make sure there’s no unwanted folds. I wear it, and then I spend a long time making it look really neat. This applies to anything I wear. I have had that habit since I was 13 maybe?

With Love.

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The Best Tips On Dealing With Stress

Dear Stress,

Let’s break up.

Sincerely, Me.

Stress is not what happens to us, it’s our response to it what happens. Response, is something we can choose.

Saying that, here’s a few tips on how to deal with stress.

This is the list I’ve written down in my notebook to deal with exam stress. I think this is ideal for students who are studying for an exam. If you aren’t a student studying for an exam, read this list anyway. Why? It’s bound to help any human. Don’t lie to yourself, I know you are stressed about something.

First things first – Relax for God’s sake! It’s good for you.

  • Meditate – This is a very common solution which is neglected very often. Doesn’t mean you have to roll your fingers and place them on either side of your knees. Just give your brain a rest, close your eyes, and meditate. Just for a few minutes per day.

  • Focus on your senses and breathe deeply – When your stressed, drop what you are doing for 5 minutes and focus only on one behavior with awareness. This could be the sound of rain, the feel of your skin, the smell of your clothes (preferably nice things).

  • Talk about it – Stress isn’t something you should deal with alone. There’s nothing to be ashamed of being stressed, everyone has been there at least once in their life. They know what you are going through. Talk about it to someone you trust, someone you can rely on. It’s very important to NOT bottle your feelings inside you. Don’t have someone to talk to? You can talk to me anytime.

  • Decompress – Close your eyes and relax your muscles. Relax all the muscles you possibly can, your face, neck, chest, back etc.. Place a warm heat wrap around your neck and shoulders for about 10 – 15 minutes if you feel like you need a really good treatment.

  • Get moving – Workout. Stretch your arms and legs. Dance. Go for a quick walk. Take the stairs up and down instead of the elevator. I’m not going to say it, but you and I know that there’s a lot you can do to get moving. So go ahead, get it done.

  • Laugh Out Loud – Lighten up yo! Read a comic. Chat with someone who makes you smile. It’s not going to kill you if you tune into your favorite comedy show in the middle of your work. Just make sure you don’t binge watch the entire season and forget about all your work.

  • Crank up the tunes – Listen to your favorite song. A song that gets you on your feet. Just crank up the volume, but make sure this doesn’t happen.

  • Eat dark chocolate – There’s really nothing more to say to this. Researchers found that eating the equivalent of one average-sized dark chocolate candy bar (1.4 ounces) each day for two weeks reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol as well as the “fight-or-flight” hormones known as catecholamines in highly stressed people. You didn’t need to know that to get you eating dark chocolate, did you?

  • Be grateful – Last but definitely not the least. Have a gratitude journal (or use your phone for it), and jot down all the things that are good in your life. Remember to take it out and read it when you are stressed, and be happy about all of them good things.

That is that. Thank me later.

With Love.

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Question of The Week – Q5

What is your quirkiest habit and how long have you had it?

My answer to last week’s question –

  • Never stop believing (in God, in love, in family and friends).
  • Never take anyone for granted.
  • Never drink alcohol (not even a sip to taste).

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The Best Ad Networks For Beginners

Hey there!

My last post was on the best hosting site for you. After a lot of positive feedback on it, I thought of writing about the best ad networks out there for beginners.

Why? I thought it’s best to talk about blogging in two consecutive posts so that anyone who’s interested can just go for it, and anyone who’s not knows that this blog isn’t going to only be about this.

Anyway, google adsense is the most popular ad network out there, but they have quite some cons.

  • You have to have an established website for them to accept your application – This doesn’t work out for beginners like me.
  • They take forever to review your application, and still end up rejecting your application – I submitted three times over a span of a week, they took more than two days to get back to me, each time with a no. It really is frustrating. (I know a person who hasn’t got her revival done by adsense in two months.)

So what are the best ad networks for beginners? I’ll give you a list of four ad networks I’m currently experimenting on. I’m experimenting which one works best for me, and once I’ve had a larger, more established website, I’ll be settling for one or two.

This list is in order of how long I’ve been using it. Not in order of how good it is. Maybe in two months or so, I’ll post on the ad network which worked best for me. Until then, please bear with all the pop ups on my blog. Still a trail and error set up, not only to help me but aiming to help you as well.

All these ad networks run on CPM (with a bonus for clicks), not CPC. CPM – Cost per impressions. CPC – Cost per clicks. While CPC is better in the long run, it’s more suitable for bigger websites. You can get 1000 views but no clicks, and so you won’t be paid for CPC. There’s more chances for clicks if you have a huge traffic pouring into your website.

  1. BidVertiser This is one of the oldest ad networks out there.
  • This had the fastest approval system. Just sign up and you are done. All other ad networks took at least a few hours to review my website.
  • You can chose any kind of ads you want to publish. Bidvertiser runs most of my banners.
  • They have a minimum $10 payout via PayPal.
  • You can submit requests for support even if you aren’t member.

2. PropellerAds – This is what I opened right after BidVertiser. It has a better pay that BidVertiser so far.

  • They have an adblock bypass solution (which I haven’t tried out yet).
  • They use pop-under ads mainly because they generate the biggest profit among all ad units. This can drive people away from your site though, because people are frustated with any pop ads.
  • They have a minimum payout of $100.
  • They have a personal manager (my favorite feature in this ad network). You can live chat to get help and solve your problems through the personal manager.

3. Ad-Maven – I got this approved recently. Still working on getting to know about the site.

  • They have solutions to bypass all adblock extensions.
  • They have a large variety of ads to offer, such as popup, new tab, banners, light box, interstitial, slider and more.
  • They have a minimum payout of $50.
  • They have a chat manager too. I haven’t used this feature yet to know how efficient it is though.

4. PopAds – I got this approved recently too. Still working on getting to know about the site.

  • Specialized in pop-unders.
  • Dynamic market – It is we who choose the rate. We can choose the minimal bid (price of a single pop-under) we accept, we can also limit the number of pop-unders shown to a single visitor during a day. Furthermore we can refuse to accept pop-unders with sound or with other annoying elements.
  • Fast payments – They handle withdrawal requests daily.
  • They have a minimum payout of $5.
  • Support via email and our favorite instant messenger.

My advice? Ads hardly pay. Specially when you are beginner. One ad network won’t be useful until your website gets established.

Most ad networks don’t accept your website if it already has registered under another ad network. The four networks I chose don’t have a problem of the sort.

It’s best to start running ads as soon as you get your domain, so that you can experiment around and see what works best for you. I highly recommend using the above four ad networks (all together) to start advertising if you are a beginner.

There’s three ads at the bottom of this article, click on them to get started. You might need to log into Ad-Maven yourself because I couldn’t find an ad for it.

Hope this helps!

With Love.


The Best Host For Your Website

Hello there!

When I migrated to a custom, self hosted domain, there were so many recommendations for hosting sites online. I almost went to go with bluehost (which is what wordpress recommends), but was able to find some real critiques about it and decided to go for hostgator. Here’s why I think hostgator is the best to host your website.

  1. Free domain – You get a free custom domain through hostgator. Other hosting services, like Siteground and A2 hosting, charge $14.95 (almost $15) for your domain.
  2. 45 day money back guarantee – Yup, that’s right. Usually, almost every hosting site has a 30 day money back guarantee, providing they have a money back guarantee. Hostgator however has a 45 day money back guarantee, to get your money back from the CEO itself, if you are not satisfied with their service.
  3. 99.9% uptime guarantee – Uptime is the availability of your website. “The availability of your website is our top priority. We stand by that fact with our uptime guarantee!”
  4. 24/7/365 support – 24 hour support, all day, everyday. Their support staff is available 24/7/365 to assist you via Telephone, LiveChat, or Email with any hosting-related issues.
  5. They are with you every step of the way – I have contacted their staff on live chat, a lot of times, because it was my first time migrating and I didn’t know what I was doing. They helped me out through everything. It was so easy getting help and the staff were very helpful and friendly.
  6. Get started quickly and easy – If you are setting up a new website, their own HostGator Website Builder provides an incredibly convenient drag-and-drop building experience. You can choose from a wide selection of themes, and even pre-built sections, to craft your own amazing website and publish it in no time!
  7. Dedicated migrations team – Do you already have a website? They have a dedicated migration team standing by to transfer your existing content from your prior host and configure it to perform optimally on their platform. They also transfer domain registrations from other registrars to provide you complete management of your entire online portfolio all in one place!
  8. Use promo codes for discounts –  Promo codes are used to provide the customer with a discount. Try using this promo code –
  • NUSPROMO25 – Get 25% Off All New Hosting Packages With HostGator! – 25% discount on New Hosting Plans.
  • NUSPROMO60 – Up to 60% off + $4.99 on select domains at!
  • NUSPROMO1 – Only One Penny For Your First Month Of Hosting With HostGator! – $9.94 discount on One Month Hatchling Plan.

What do others think about hostgator? Click here to find out.

Here’s a review on the, Best Web Hosting Sites 2017.

I rest my case. I was suggested to talk about hosting sites through Suggest A Topic, by a person who was considering migrating their free site to self host, which is a really good option. Why? The reason is pretty simple – if you want to build a blog that is taken seriously by search engines and readers alike you’ll want to avoid free hosts.

Made your mind up about Hostgator? Great choice! Click here to get started.

I was totally bias on hostgator in this article, because it’s what I use and I love it! If I have the time, I’ll post again on some other hosting sites as well.

With Love.


Question Of The Week – Q4

What are the three ‘nevers’ of your life?

My answer to last week’s question –

When I finally said yes to my best friend after quite a number of attempts of him asking me out, on the 10th of November, 2014. I have been the happiest I have ever been since. 🙈

With Love.

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Running Out Of Ideas On What To Blog About?

Everyone of us goes through this phase, sooner or later. Personally I think it just keeps happening all the time until you get a sudden spark of an idea.

Here’s a list of things you can  blog about –

  1. Personal essays (My personal favorite) –
  • Childhood memories.
  • Critical life events or choices.
  • Risks you’ve taken.
  • Regrets and disappointments.
  • What/who inspires you.
  • Life goals and how you plan to achieve it.

2. ‘Best of’ posts –

  • Best blogs you’ve read (with links).
  • Best of your blog posts.
  • Best free apps online.
  • Best tutorials on a subject of interest.
  • Best tools and resources you depend on.
  • Best people in your life.

3. General interest posts –

  • A short story, deleted chapter, character sketch, etc. (Of your own work.)
  • Projects you’re launching or involved in.
  • A song playlist that corresponds to different phases of your life.
  • Link to inspiring videos. Eg – TED talks.
  • Keywords visitors use to find your site.
  • If you tried something new a while back and wrote about it, update readers with results.

4. Reviews –

  • Books.
  • Movies.
  • Products.
  • Apps.
  • Software.
  • Businesses.

5. ‘List of’ posts –

  • A list of activities to do when you are bored.
  • A list of your favorite books/movies of all time and why they made the list.
  • A list of things that make you happy.
  • A list of steps you need to cover before you do something. Eg – Move, Publish a book, Start a blog, Select your career, etc.
  • A list of things you’ll never do again.
  • A list of benefits of doing something. Eg – Dancing, Exercising, etc.

6. ‘How to’ posts –

  • A step-by-step guide to anything.

7. Interviews –

  • Interview anyone you like, who you think your readers will enjoy reading about.

Hope that helps! This post was one of the ‘list of’ posts. List of blog topics to turn to when you are running out of ideas.

Cheers and Happy Blogging!

With Love.


Is Your Phone A Distraction?

Is there a deadline you have to meet? An exam you have to study for? Is your phone being a distraction?

To make it more useful, do you have a bad habit of drunk texting? 😬

Well, if you do, here’s the solution.

  • Download the app, Keep Me Out, it’s completely free.

(I’m not sure if it’s there in the Apple App store, but if you are an android user, it’s definitely there in the Play store.)

I’ve been using it for around 2 months now. I downloaded it to concentrate more on my studies.

Keep Me Out allows you to lock yourself out of your mobile device for a time period that you want.

You can enjoy some quality, device-free and distraction-free time!

You will still have access to the lock screen and its widgets, so you can still make emergency calls and answer calls.

What’s even better? 

  • Keep Me Out allows you to lock your self out, but once you reboot your device it’ll get unlocked (default setting). If that’s not device-free enough for you, you can also opt for the setting which doesn’t let you back in even if you reboot your device until the period of time ends. So you’ve got two options to chose from.
  • You can set up scheduled periodic locks. This way you don’t have to worry about setting it up, if you have a fixed schedule for everyday.

It really is a good app.

Also, incase you were wondering, I don’t know the developer of this app, neither am I getting any commission for this post. LOL! 😂 (Even if I post something for a commission, it’ll be something which I personally think would really help you guys. You are my readers after all, I’ll never take advantage of you.)

This app helps me immensely, and I hope it helps you too. I’m going to lock myself out for 3 hours now. See you again in 3 hours! 🙃

With Love.

Question Of The Week – Q3

What do you think is the single best decision you’ve made in your life so far?

My answer to last week’s question –

I don’t have any regrets. I believe everything I have gone through in my life has shaped me up and helped me become the person I am, and I’m proud of that.

Oh and yeah, I regret every single tear my mum has ever shed a single tear because of me (she doesn’t cry because of me all the time you guys, just once in a blue moon). Yup, that is be my biggest regret.

With Love.

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Quick Request

Hey guys!

Do you use the WordPress reader to read other blogs? Are you unable to comment or search them through the WordPress reader? Please comment and let me know so I can get it sorted on my blog.

P.S – You probably can’t comment through this if you are using the WordPress reader. In that case could you kindly visit my blog in the browser and comment there?

Here’s how you do it if you didn’t know.

  • Go to the blog on your reader. 

  • Open what ever post you want. Click on the globe icon at the top right hand side corner of the screen. 

  • It’ll take you to a page of the same post. Scroll down. You’ll see a page like this (if Google Chrome is your web browser). Comment on the box. Suggestion – Press on the three dots on the top right hand side corner of the screen.

  • You’ll get a drop down menu like this. Check the box ‘Request desktop site’ to view how it looks on a desktop (which is the best view of a website). 

  • You’ll get a page like this. 

  • Scroll down. Comment. 

This is how you view any site you want on a browser.

I personally think it’s better to read blogs on the browser, because on the reader all blogs look the same. That’s kinda boring.

Happy Reading!