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Hearts Of Service

Hearts of Service is a group of young adults in Sri Lanka who does everything they can to empower and spread joy among people.

Here’s an interview I had with one of the co-founders of the group – Afra.

  1. How and when did this all start?

Answer: Isuri and I grew up together as schoolmates. [Lyceum International School, Wattala] We both were in the same class in Grade 1 and moving on to Grade 9, we were back together in the same class. Since then our friendship built, personalities developed and found ourselves with mutual passions to help build communities. In 2017, in aid of the flood victims we came together and since then we created a name, a logo and are continuing to pursue to change and creating a difference.

2. Did it start with the same amount of people there is now? If not, how did the community grow?

Answer: No. Initially, it was only the two of us, our families and our closest friends, but now we have a team of approximately 30 members and growing.

3. How many projects have you’ll accomplished so far?

Answer: We have completed 3 projects. Recovery aid for flood victims in Matara, Blood donation camp at Wattala, student empowerment workshop program at Peliyagoda.

4. How much of work does it take per project? How long does it take to get everything prepared for each project?

Answer: Depending on the circumstances and matter of urgency, it could take 3 days to 3 months.

5. How early (from the day of the project) do you plan a project?

Answer: Sometimes not early enough but at the end of the day it’s matter of completing the project within the goal time.

6. What’s the best thing about each project?

Answer: The lives we could change and the smiles on people’s faces.

7. What’s your favourite project to date?

Answer: The student empowerment workshop at Peliyagoda.

8. How does a person join ‘Hearts of Service’ if they wish to?

Answer: They could drop a message on our Facebook page, stating their name and contact number.

9. What’s your advice for anyone who wants to start a ‘Hearts of Service’ of their own?

Answer: Be you, take a leap of faith and bid farewell to naysayers.

The Incredible Story Of Ghanim Al Muftah

Here’s the story of Ghanim Al Muftah.

I don’t really think there’s anything more I could possibly say about this video. It speaks for itself.

Just to encourage you to press the play button, this is a very inspiring story of a differently abled boy, which will definitely move you.

With Love.

PS – I missed my post for the day, I’m so sorry about that. This is my compensation for it. I hope you watched the video and got inspired! Cheers!

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Differently Abled Given Love, Support And Employment

Dis-abled? I think not. The better word is “differently abled”.

I am very touchy about this topic, because I have a loved one who is differently abled. He is diagnosed with down syndrome. Although we aren’t blood, he’s like my little brother. I have dreamt of someday making the world a better place for him.

I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to working hard, to make life easier for the lesser fortunate. Be it emotionally, physically, financially or anything basically.

In my mind, even though my family can’t possibly be categorized under ‘a rich family’, I wholeheartedly believe I’ve had my share of luck with unconditional love and support from my wonderful family. Having approached 18 years of living, and legally being an adult, it’s my turn to be the giver.

Now that you are able to know what I’m doing with my life, you’ll see that someday I’ll accomplish my dream and there will be an article titled ‘Aqueel’s Happy Place’ telling you all about it.

What may ‘Aqueel’s Happy Place’ be?

Inspired by GG’s flowers and Bitty & Beau’s, and my darling Aqueel, it’s going to be the first (hopefully) shop providing employment to differently abled people in Sri Lanka.

  • GG’s flowers – The Canberra florist is a family-run, socially-sustainable business, that was started as a way to create meaningful employment opportunities for people with special needs. If you are living in Canberra, the next time you want to buy some fresh flowers, make sure to buy them from GG’s flowers. You can check out their facebook page here.

  • Bitty & Beau’s – A coffee shop that provides jobs for those with intellectual and development disabilities. Amy Wright, whose two youngest children have down syndrome, started the business a year and a half ago. If you are living in North Carolina, the next time you want to head over for some coffee, make sure you go to Bitty & Beau’s. You can check out their facebook page here.

Here’s a video about why people love Bitty & Beau’s coffee shop –

Join us in our mission to give differently abled people love, support and meaningful employment. If you are able to do something like this, please go ahead and take the initiative to do so. Let’s change the world, one step at a time.

With Love.


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Inside We Are All Black

A must watch because racism has become a huge issue nowadays!

These are the kind of things you should show on television commercials. Specially when it’s a commercial to a cartoon or a kiddies movie. It teaches the kid something really special, and makes his/her time worthwhile.

I think this video is really sweet and everyone should watch it. Show it to your parents, spouse, siblings, children, basically everyone.

With Love.


You can find more inspiring videos under Changing The World One Step At A Time – Let’s Focus On The Good.

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Let’s Focus On The Good 

Hey lovelies! <3

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‘Let’s Focus On The Good’ is a subcategory I opened to share inspirational videos and articles of the good in the world. I think it’s important to have a place which you can go to and keep smiling throughout.

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With Love.

Pizza Shop In Philadelphia Feeding The Homeless

A pizza shop based in Philadelphia, Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, feeds the homeless through an initiative called “Pay It Forward”.

Customers can pay $1 to pre-purchase pizza slices for a person in need, who can come in and enjoy free food. They are redeemed with a sticky note on the wall.

I was currently wanting to end it. This has been a hard couple of months. Rosa’s has brightened up my days. Something as small as a slice of pizza can do wonders. I thank you guys so much for what you’re doing for the community. Much love.

-James (The Kid With Glasses)

Mason Wartman, the shop’s owner, shares where the inspiration for the idea came from.

The Anti-Terrorism Ad Which Is Taking Over The World

As you may know, this is the Holy Month Of Ramadan for Muslims all over the world. It’s a time of spiritual reflection, improvement and increased devotion and worship.

Muslims are expected to put in more effort into following the teachings of Islam. Muslims fast, which is the fourth pillar of Islam, from dawn to sunset. During the fast, they refrain from consuming any food and drinks. This is to make them personally aware of the plight of underprivileged people, which evokes a degree of social consciousness. They also guard themselves from all evil, reflecting the essence of piety.

The Kuwaiti telecom company ‘Zain’ decided to make the most out of the holy season with a powerful three-minute ad urging people to reject suicide bombings.


I’m not going to go through what happens in the video (I watched it atleast three times). However, here’s something incase you missed it in the video.

They included actual victims of terror attacks. 🙁

Also, here’s a sneak peak into the YouTube comment section incase you are wondering if the video is worth your data/WiFi. 😰

I hope you didn’t skip watching the video.

With Love. ❤️