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Pizza Shop In Philadelphia Feeding The Homeless

A pizza shop based in Philadelphia, Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, feeds the homeless through an initiative called “Pay It Forward”.

Customers can pay $1 to pre-purchase pizza slices for a person in need, who can come in and enjoy free food. They are redeemed with a sticky note on the wall.

I was currently wanting to end it. This has been a hard couple of months. Rosa’s has brightened up my days. Something as small as a slice of pizza can do wonders. I thank you guys so much for what you’re doing for the community. Much love.

-James (The Kid With Glasses)

Mason Wartman, the shop’s owner, shares where the inspiration for the idea came from.

The Anti-Terrorism Ad Which Is Taking Over The World

As you may know, this is the Holy Month Of Ramadan for Muslims all over the world. It’s a time of spiritual reflection, improvement and increased devotion and worship.

Muslims are expected to put in more effort into following the teachings of Islam. Muslims fast, which is the fourth pillar of Islam, from dawn to sunset. During the fast, they refrain from consuming any food and drinks. This is to make them personally aware of the plight of underprivileged people, which evokes a degree of social consciousness. They also guard themselves from all evil, reflecting the essence of piety.

The Kuwaiti telecom company ‘Zain’ decided to make the most out of the holy season with a powerful three-minute ad urging people to reject suicide bombings.


I’m not going to go through what happens in the video (I watched it atleast three times). However, here’s something incase you missed it in the video.

They included actual victims of terror attacks. 🙁

Also, here’s a sneak peak into the YouTube comment section incase you are wondering if the video is worth your data/WiFi. 😰

I hope you didn’t skip watching the video.

With Love. ❤️

Enough With The Double Standards

Dear Readers,

Following the Manchester incident, I wondered, how this would affect the Muslims in the world. There’ll be some young boy getting bullied in school because he’s a Muslim. There’ll be some Muslim woman told horrible things in the road. Blamed for something which even she herself hates. And the worse part? No one is going to stand up for them. Because everyone is scared of Muslims. Everyone hates Muslims. Everyone thinks ‘Oh well! He/she deserves it. They brought it upon themselves.’ Do they really deserve that? Would you? Given you were in that position? No. You don’t, they don’t, no one does.

First off, this is the most risky post I’ve ever posted upto date. I have been considering it for a while, I thought maybe I shouldn’t do it because of all the hate towards Muslims these days. But I came to realize, if not now, when? This hate just seems to grow day by day. I might never be able to get through to people in a months time. Who knows? Also, death is as unpredictable as it is inevitable. I don’t want to die without saying something which could save someone else’s life.

Secondly, you are AMAZING! Seriously. I’m not just saying it because I want you to be on good terms with me. You are beyond amazing! Blogging has connected me with so many wonderful people. In my previous blog about ending terrorism, Let’s End Terrorism, One Step At A Time, I received so much of positive feedbacks from people that I hardly knew. It was honestly better than I expected. I was anticipating atleast one bad comment about how my religion is to blame for it or something, but none did I get. That made me realise that this world is a not so bad place after all, and that there were plenty of loving, non-judgmental people.

Now, I’m off to my point. While speaking for Islam, I speak for all the other religions when I say,


Here’s why Islam is not a religion of terror,

1. According to Islam, religion is a matter of choice

The Holy Qur’an states (Ch – Chapter, V – Verse),

There is no compulsion in matters of religion. (Ch.2:V.257)

There is nobody on Earth who can in anyway compel anybody or force anybody to accept the religion of Islam. The Holy Qur’an declares that the freedom of belief is the basic right of all human beings. They can believe in any religion they like and they can become the member of any faith they choose.

This ofcourse proves that ‘Punishment for Apostasy is Death’ and ‘All Non-Muslims must be Killed’ is a myth. (This is something which extremists use and manipulate to have their way.)

Islam teaches us to love both our Muslim and Non-Muslim brothers and sisters.

2. Islam does not promote violence, war or even hatred towards other people –

Islam allows war only if other people take the initiative and start the aggression. The permission to fight back is a basic human right.

And fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but do not transgress. Surely, Allah loves not the transgressors. (Ch.2:V.191)

Note – ‘And fight in the way of Allah’. What may this way be? Here’s a few war ethics in Islam.


3. You are not a Muslim if you don’t follow the religion properly –

Just because a person is born to a Muslim family doesn’t make that person a Muslim. Only when you die are you determined if you are a Muslim or not depending on your belief in God and how righteous you are.

If a person kills someone else (except abiding the war ethics) in the name of religion or otherwise, that doesn’t make that person a Muslim. Infact, it makes that person exactly the opposite. So is it fair that we label Muslims (the true ones, not the ones who claim to be Muslims) as terrorists? Just because a certain person with a Muslim name or a person who says “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) and kills someone? No, we don’t. We shouldn’t. That’s not right, is it?


A terrorist is simply, exactly what you get when you Google it, ‘a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims’. This can be any person. But that’s all it is, a derailed person with no love and compassion for human beings. Come on people. We are smart enough to understand this aren’t we?

It’s time we end the stereotype Muslims have been given. Go on, set your example. Love everyone!

With Love.

Let’s End Terrorism, One Step At A Time


Even the word itself is frightening.

I’ve got a huge problem. I cannot stop thinking about what happened in Manchester. Something inside me just broke. I think I just lost all my faith in humanity. I can’t imagine why it’s hurting me so much. I mean yes, I can totally see why I’m upset about it, but this is something else. It’s almost like I lost someone I love.

Why? Why why why why? God damnit! Why would anyone hurt anyone? At all? I can’t even imagine hurting an animal (I am not saying in anyway that it’s okay to hurt an animal), how can someone deliberately kill so many people? So many innocent people who’ve done nothing wrong to them? I mean, obviously someone who would end their own life in an act of terrorism probably doesn’t care about anyone else’s life. But still? It doesn’t matter if they are children or adults, girls or boys, black or white. Yes, it is much worse when those who are targetted are young teenage girls. But it really doesn’t matter. Why is this world filled with so much of unnecessary hate and violence?

Can you even imagine what it’s like? Can you imagine what the parents who’ve lost their beautiful children are going through? I read that a married couple who’ve gone to the arena to pick their child were identified victims of the attack. Can you imagine what that child must be going through? Children losing their parents. Parents losing their children. People losing their loved ones. How does the people who survived it get over something like that? How does anyone get over something like that? My heart breaks for those people. I wish there was something I could do. If I could give up my life in exchange of stopping terrorism, I would. I wouldn’t let anyone I love do that (I would stop them with everything I got) because I wouldn’t be able to bear them gone, but I would do it. I’m a bit selfish like that.

Everyone has the same fate. Birth, life and death. Why would anyone not want to live life (the very short time period they’ve got) peacefully? With love? Joy? Who is to blame to this? God? Don’t you say yes to that. You have a free will. You are accountable for your own actions.

If that’s the case, and if everyone is born as an innocent child, how does this transformation happen? Who is to blame to this? Adults? Adults who’ve maybe mistreated or miseducated these terrorists when they were young? Does this mean we can eventually put an end to terrorism by educating the young generation? Teaching them right from wrong? Showing them that love is and always will be the strongest thing in the world? Well, I hope so.

My plea to the world –

While healing from this terrible attack, let us not point fingers at one another. Let this not be something which will divide us further. That is exactly what they want. If we let that happen, they win. Do you want them to win? You don’t. So don’t let them.

Please. Please let this be something which bring us closer together. Please let this be something which will help us get all of our forces together to put an end to this. Let’s show them that they cannot divide us. Let’s honour the lives of every victim of every terror attack. Because love indeed is greater than hate. Please. Let’s not let them win.

Open your hearts to people who’ve lost someone through an act of terror. Show them love. Their minds are at a very unstable state. They might tend to be vengeful. Show them, teach them, tell them that won’t get them anywhere. Tell them that isn’t what their lost loved ones would want from them.

Open your doors to the children of the world. They are what will save this world or, if it’s already saved, prevent it from starting all over again. Adopt an orphan from a foster home if you can give them more love than what they get from there. Save a child refugee from the distress they are in.

Come on people. I know we’ve got what it takes to end this. So let’s get started.

Love changes everything.. So fill the world with love, and let love do it’s thing..

With Love. ❤️

Go Green – Plastic is Obscene

Plastic pollution is nothing new. It’s been taking place for over decades and we have almost done nothing to prevent it. While it may be too late now, since all our oceans and lands are basically plastic landfills, it is indeed better late than never.

There are two things which need to be done,

  1. Prevent further accumulation of plastics and polythene
  2. Waste management

Let’s keep the ‘waste management’ part for the government officials and plastic recycling factories to handle for now. It’s always best to do what you can do about a particular problem, than worry about how little you are doing and thinking about what more you can do rather than just doing what you can.

So what can we do? Oh my! If only you knew all the things we could be doing. You probably do know all the things we could be doing, but in case you don’t now you have no excuse.

  1. Say NO to Plastics

This includes any type of plastic, varying all the way from plastic bags to plastic play sets. This is the first and foremost step we must take to prevent more and more plastics being added to the environment.

Ways to say NO to plastics –

  • Give up gum.
  • Buy boxes, not bottles.
  • Reuse glass containers.
  • Take your own container.
  • Use matches, instead of lighters.
  • Skip the frozen food section.
  • Use cloth diapers.
  • Don’t buy juice, make your own.
  • Buy soap instead of shower gel.
  • Avoid synthetic clothing.
  • Don’t use plastic-ware.



Remember – Straws are also plastic. Do you really need to sip your drink through a plastic straw?

2. Reuse, Reuse and Reuse –

This could possibly not be emphasized enough. REUSE THEM! Reuse all of them if you can. The more the better. Be creative. Creativity never goes out of style. N.E.V.E.R.!!

I challenge you, take out the used plastics in your house, be creative with it, do something not included in the pictures below, snap a picture of it, and upload it in the comment section. I’ll make sure to include them in a new blog called “Reuse, reuse and reuse – Creative ideas by anti-plastic advocates”. Challenge accepted?

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3. Use Reusable or Recyclable Plastics – 

Sometimes due to affordability issues, and since plastic is very cheap, people may find it difficult to use substitutes to plastic. In that case, make sure you get reusable or recyclable plastic products and make sure to collect and give them to recycling industries once you are done with it. Here’s a chart to help you with what’s recyclable and what’s not.


4. Substitute plastics with less (or no) environmental hazards –

This needs no explanation. Try to substitute as much plastic as possible with non plastic products. Here’s a chart to help you get started. If you have more ideas on how to substitute plastics, please comment below.

Common Plastics Used: Alternatives to Plastic:
Art supplies Consider homemade play dough, paint, etc (to store in glass or metal); choose items such as colored pencils and charcoal or pastels that come in cardboard boxes instead of plastic containers
Baby bottle Glass or stainless steel, and silicone nipples
Bags, food storage (i.e. Ziplock) Glass or stainless steel containers
Bags, shopping Canvas or reusable shopping bags (homemade or bought)
Beverage container, store-bought Drink water instead; Homemade beverages stored in glass carafes; buy milk in glass containers or from a local farm
Brush, scrub or bottle Tampico fiber or Horsehair brushes
Brush, toilet Pig-hair wooden toilet brush
Calculator Bamboo calculator
Carpet (much of it is plastic-based) Natural wool carpet, real wood floors, sealed concrete
Computer keyboard Bamboo keyboard
Cooking utensils (spatulas, spoons, etc) Invest in wood (naturally antibacterial!), stainless steel or silicone when necessary
Cups, drinking Glass or stainless steel for toddlers
Dishwashing soap Skip the store-bought and make your own homemade dishwashing detergent to store in a glass jar or stainless steel container.
Dustpan Sweep out the door or use a stainless steel dustpan
Food storage Glass and/or stainless steel containers
Hard hat V-Gard GREEN Helmet (non-petroleum “plastic”, made from sugarcane)
Ice cube tray Stainless steel is best; also silicone, or natural rubber (if you’re using an automatic ice cube maker, you’re out of luck)
Lighters Look for a metal lighter, such as a Zippo
Lint roller Wooden and natural rubber lint brush
Lunchbox Fabric lunch bags or stainless steel
Media cases (CDs, DVDs, etc) Purchase digital through iTunes or Amazon, or watch online through Amazon Instant Video or Netflix
Microwave cover Ditch the microwave, or just clean up the few splatters to save yourself from the plastic off-gassing
Office supplies Check out paper tape (skip the dispenser); Many pens come with metal shells; you can often find all-metal scissors at craft stores (check the sewing department); choose moldable or square erasers (as well as single pens) from bins instead of in plastic packaging; look for metal thumb tacks, etc.
Popsicle mold Stainless steel and silicone molds
Razors, disposable All-metal razors and blades (non-disposable)
Rugs (much is synthetic polyester or recycled plastic) Natural wool, help, jute, or cotton; choose a silicone non-slip pad underneath
Seasoning containers Choose seasonings that come in glass with a metal lid, recycle the plastic topper inside, and consider growing and drying your own in the future
Shower curtain Choose cloth, bamboo, or hemp instead
Skin care containers Use coconut oilessential oilshomemade sunscreen, and other homemade skin care options.
Straws Glass or stainless steel; be sure your order includes a free straw brush for easy cleaning
Toothbrush Plastic-free wooden toothbrushes
Toothpaste Make your own homemade toothpaste and store in a glass or stainless steel jar.
Toys, misc Replace with wooden, cotton, hemp, porcelain, metal, and other natural materials (tip: search “Waldorf” or “natural toy ______” to find specific alternatives
Trash bags First be sure to precyclecompost, and recycle. With the small amount left, try going without a bag, using paper bags, or compostable bags (such as BioBags).
Utensils (especially when eating out) Choose bamboo carry-out utensils and keep them in your vehicle
Water bottle, drinking size Stainless steel, or glass with silicone or padded case to prevent breaking (these usually only come with plastic lids; if you find a quality bottle without any plastic at all please let us know!)
Water bottle, 5 gallon 5 gallon glass carboy
Water filter, refrigerator Instead of the fridge filter, use a stainless and charcoal filter, such as Berkey filters
Yoga mat Bamboo, hemp, jute, or natural rubber mat

5. Share the message as much as you can – 

Re-blog. Re-blog. Re-blog. Or write your own blog. Share this with your friends and family. Start small, spread the word. Make slogans or use the slogans below, print them out and hang them around your house, school and workplace. Remind yourself and remind everyone around you what they should be doing to save the world.

Want another challenge? Come up with some new slogans and share them in the comment section below. Want to take it a step further? Print them, snap a picture and share it below. Want it to take it an extra step further? Follow the slogans and fit them into your lifestyle. Good luck!

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Want that extra push to get you started? Go sign a petition.

Sign the Petition Today!

Watch these videos and get inspired to start saving the world from plastics.

The Life-cycle Of A Plastic Bottle

Plastic Pollution, Our Oceans, Our Future

A Plastic Island


So get up and get to work. Let’s save the world. Just a message from a concerned person. Go Green – Plastic Is Obscene.

With Love.


Disclaimer – The pictures and videos used in this post weren’t created by me. I just did the job of putting them all together.

Topic Credits – My best friend. She inspired me to write this. 🙂



Have you ever wondered if there was anything more you could do with your life? Like you know, for example, change the world? Put an end to poverty, put an end to child labor, put an end to world hunger, put an end to all the violence around you, put an end to global warming.. The list would go on and on, because why? Our world has a million problems which needs solutions. Our world needs fixing. And who may be out there to fix this broken world? You. Me. All of us.

I am the kind of person who gets inspired easily. I love getting inspired. I like that feeling of goodness entering me. I always tend to think, why can’t I do that? Why can’t I inspire people? Why can’t I help change the world? And you know what I thought? Why is the beginning of each of those questions “Why can’t I” ? Instead, how about I change it to “How can I” ? So when I thought about it for longer, I realized I need to reach out to the world. I wanted to connect with people who are just like me. I wanted to share my thoughts, know what others think about it, make the thought even better with the help of people around the world, provide a platform for others to share their thoughts (this part I’ll be working on with time since I’m new to blogging), and so on. What is the best way to do that? The internet. Things tend to go viral in the internet all the time. But what’s the point in having it all figured out but not putting it into action? So here I am, in my attempt to change the world, one step at a time.

With Love.