What a great story! I’ve never heard of this guy …

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What a great story! I’ve never heard of this guy Mika but now I will look for him. You did a great job capturing that feeling of loving a musician, and what music does to you when you are 14 and you hear something special.

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Community Pool

Hi – thanks for this chance for some feedback!

I posted this yesterday on my short fiction blog. It was in response to a creative writing prompt on google Plus. I really liked the picture and want to know what people think of the story.

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Hi, picture a single visitor (your mom, maybe?) who comes back again and again to view your blog. That would be one visitor, but if she is pulling it up 20 times, you’d have 20 views.

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Signed. I’ve adapted most of your recommendations too (but my kids are having a hard time giving up straws. We’ve tried the reusables. Cheers!

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