I would love some more feedback on my blog! It’s …

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I would love some more feedback on my blog! It’s still relatively new and any design or content-based tips would be appreciated!

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Community Pool 

I hope so..

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Community Pool 

I already commented on the two other entries 🙂 Maybe there are more now, I’ll check.

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Community Pool 
This is a very good idea. I’d love any feedback on my new-ish blog, or any one of the posts:


Question Of The Week – Q9

I was out on a walk with my mom. She always makes me laugh and it’s nice to spend the summer with her.

Kathrin — http://mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com

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Question Of The Week – Q8
I’ve received so much advice, not sure exactly which one is the best. But this is one that really stuck with me. It’s from one of the people I feel closest to, who’s very successful and wise.

‘Love people where they’re at right now.’

I think it’s very important because often, we want people to be what we need. But if we start loving them just the way they are, at whatever point of their journey they’re at right now, I think a lot of problems could be solved.

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