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‘Daily Post’ in WordPress has been having a community pool every Monday where bloggers come together to give each other feedback and advice. 

This is done to help bloggers gain traffic and to help them grow. If you haven’t heard of it before here is the link to it. You can check it out and join their threads. 

I thought of having a community pool myself so that I can give something to you guys to help your blog grow. 

While you may not even need this, if you are a profound blogger, I believe it’ll help you in some way. Also, I decided to select the reblog post I do on Tuesday from my community pool. 

Here are the rules to this community pool so that it could be used to it’s maximum potential – 

  • Drop a link on which you want to get feedback on. This could be a post, your website, anything you wish, but make sure it has a substantial message or question. 
  • Be as specific as you can if you want to draw quality feedback. 
  • Please make sure you only comment one link.  If you comment with more than one link, your comment would either not be approved or would take a longer time to be moderated. If you want to draw traffic to your website, make sure you comment with a link to your best article. 😉
  • No adult content. This is a strict no no. I’ll be checking each of the links when the comment is sent to me for moderation. Your link will definitely be deleted if it contains any adult content.
  • While you don’t have to, if you have the time please check out a few other links in the comment section and give your feedback to other bloggers who need help (specially if you’ve requested feedback too).
  • Please give polite and constructive feedback. The idea is to have fun and spread some love! 

There’ll be a community pool every Friday at 6am (my time) in my blog. You can leave your links until the next community pool, after that the comment section of the previous week’s community pool will be closed.

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If you aren’t a blogger, this post could help you too. You’ll have different types of recommended links to read through all in the same place. How convenient is that? 

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46 thoughts on “Community Pool”

    1. Lovely blog! I’m a month away from a huge exam so I rushed to the menu and clicked on ‘study skills’ as soon as I could. Haha! I’ll definitely make sure to follow you Joy (I love your name too). Also, I noticed a few spelling errors (I think). I think you meant to say hurried where you said harried. This was in the page I got when I clicked on your link. Cheers!

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    1. Critiques to your post –
      1. All your posts had a referral link at the bottom which doesn’t link anywhere. So I suggest you take them off.
      2. The post about the sixth sense, I think if maybe you had used a more appropriate picture. It would be very eye-catching.
      Critiques to your blog –
      1. The about page isn’t edit. Set it up.
      2. Maybe you could use a more presentable theme?
      That’s about it! What’s your name by the way? And are you a girl or a guy? You don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to. Just curious.
      Keep writing!

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      1. I am a girl. My name is Arpita. Also, the links at the end are actually ping backs to the daily post cause they are written via the daily prompt which are supposed to lead somewhere but for some reason they don’t! What is an about page? Yes, you’re right about an eye catching picture for the sixth sense. I will try and work on it. Kindly check out my other posts as well! Love your valuable feedback!

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        1. No problem! I figured, but the links don’t end up anyway, that’s why I suggested you take them off. It’ll make your post look nicer. If you go to your site, there’s three menus on the top. Home, about and contact. Your about page is empty. If you check out my blog,, I’ve renamed ‘about’ as ‘icebreaker’. It’s a page where you tell your readers a little bit about yourself. I hope that helps! Cheers!

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    1. Haha! Epic story telling! I thought that was a hilarious read. I’ve read all Dahl’s stories except for that one. I never came across the book. I love it! Keep writing! I can’t wait for your review of George’s Marvellous Medicine! 😬

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    1. Nice post! Hehe.. You should work on promoting your post in places. You’ll get more readers then. Specially in your niche. It’ll drive a lot of traffic to your site. There were a few spelling errors too, if you wanna check on that. Otherwise, perfectly fine!

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  1. Hi. My name’s is Vanessa. I am a new blogger and I love to get feedbacks on my posts. I post really cool stuffs, you won’t be disappointed. They are on topics we can all relate to. You can check it out and follow me @

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    1. You need to comment with a link to a specific post. This makes it easy for the person to read it. Your blog is still new, I can see that because you’ve not set up your blog yet. The text widget descriptions, the about page and even the home page still hasn’t been set. Even if you are new, it’s best other people can’t see it. So I suggest you set up your pages first. Cheers!

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      1. Oh my goodness. Thank you Nusrath. That is so sweet of you. I am enjoying writing and getting into the art of blogging. I am over 50 and to learn the process was extremely interesting and new. Always good to try something new!!!

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    1. Hey girl! I just checked it out! You’ve chosen a really nice theme and everything. The writing was good. It showed your enthusiasm clearly. There were a few spelling mishaps. Like ans for and, out for our kinda thing. It’s important to always proof read and edit before you publish! And a bit about yourself in the ‘about’ page. Like a summary of the post you put up maybe? Keep writing and goodluck girl! Much love!

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  2. Hello there! I’m a new blogger who is very eager to receive feedback.I started penning down my thoughts as a major step towards my ambition in life- to keep a promise I’ve made to my four legged voiceless kid- Stee(Stuffy Bhuttani). Link-
    Would be really grateful to each every view throwing light on the fallacies,improvements required,advice,suggestions,support; anything!🎀

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    1. Hey there! I checked your site out. I really like the theme and everything. I think you’ve got great content too. You should work on promoting your blog now. They say a blogger should put 10% effort into writing content, and 90% effort to promoting it. You’ve done a great job with your blog! Cheers!

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