I fixed the misspell of your name my sister-in-blogger arms. …

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I fixed the misspell of your name my sister-in-blogger arms. ♥♡♥

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Enough With The Double Standards
So true unfortunately, but I totally agree. Society has to get a reset button. Hopefully writers like Nusrath and maybe even myself may touch the hearts of others who will spread love and SENSIBILITY to others and so on. Nusrath has a beautiful mindset and it appears through her blog. I’m, personally, happy I am a follower.

Enough With The Double Standards
Bless you for the kind words. I am just a man – nothing special. I hope you do not mind, but I just finished a blog whereas I mentioned you and your blog and my comment.

It’s titled, “I Am Still An Ass”

I feel, as you do, that if I can touch the soul of just one of my fellow humans, then my wisdom and life have had a purpose.


Enough With The Double Standards
Nusrath – thank you, thank you for being a large influence that led me to authoring my blog, “I Am An Ass”
Like many non- Muslim westerners, I got caught up in the media frenzy and hate mongering. I was laying hate and fear on all Muslims and Islamic’s in general.
Just like in all religions, be it Catholic, Protestant or Judaism, there are always the extremist factions who misconstrue their Holy Book guidelines and warp them to suit their twisted ideology.
I do not want or do hate Muslims. I hate the extremists and radicals who are killing our fellow man. I am disgusted by the perverse actions of those who are using a religion to justify their twisted cruelties and pedophile lust. I cannot comprehend how Sharia Law can be allowed in this modern world. I am sickened by the beheadings and torture under the misconstrued interpretation of the Qur’an.
May Allah, God, Zeus, The Hairy Thunderer, Cosmic Muffin or whoever you believe your maker to be finally intercede and allow all of us to finally disperse prejudices and hatred.
Until then, I shall remain Dann – just as I am.

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Societal and family values have been lost in our time. The speed of modern society has placed enormous stress on even our children. Until we learn to slow down and lose greed, things will only get worse. Unfortunately 🙁

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