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Enough With The Double Standards
My neighbor is a strong Muslim, I am a Christian. We understand each other very well. Her children can spend the whole day with me so does my children spend time with hers too. Sometimes I don’t buy pork because I know her children don’t eat it neither will i give them gelatin. That is how much I respect and love her and the children. I don’t think terrorism has anything to do with religion. I come from Nigeria , in the northern part, there has been a lot of killings and these are predominantly Muslims because truly if its about religion there won’t be a struggle.

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The Anti-Terrorism Ad Which Is Taking Over The World
Wowwww … This is simply priceless👍👍👍

Awwww so captivating!! My neighbor feels the same way, she told her ordeals sometimes as regard to searching for employment. She is well educated but because of her hijab , she said no one is willing to give her a job. Thank God she eventually got one. Religion isn’t the problem but humanity. If we begin to see everybody as human, the world will be a better place.

Let’s End Terrorism, One Step At A Time
It’s not even upto 2 weeks the Manchester terror happened and yet again the London bridge !!! People has sold their soul to the devil. Who goes about killing, innocent unarmed people????!!! God help us.

Discovery Of Widgets
Thank you so much, I av been wondering what midget, let me go try it 🙈😂😂😂