Hahahahha.. really …

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Hahahahha.. really

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Go Green – Plastic is Obscene
Epic post.. This post is really the need of the hour

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Question Of The Week – Q2
I killed a snake accidentally. It was not very big, kind of baby snake. It looked so nice and beautiful.. It was trying to escape but i was blocking it’s way. I did not wanted to hurt or kill it. I just wanted to click some pictures and watch it for some tim bcoz that was the first time i was looking at a snake so closely. There was a brick and it hid under there. I lifted the brick and it came out suddenly. It happened so quick that i got terrified and dropped the brick. The brick fell on it’s head it died. But it not died easily.. It lay there lifeless, wriggling at times full of pain and i stood there watching it die. It died bcoz of me. That is the biggest regret of my life.. 🙇

Top Tech Cool Gadgets
Life straw-portable water filter..🙌

What A Woman Wants From Her Man
Nusrath is a sweet and a very common name by the way.. Am i right Nu.. Noon.. Nusrath. I know a lot of girls by the name of Nusrath. Although sariffo’deen is a challenge for me

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What A Woman Wants From Her Man
Lol.. true.. 😂

What A Woman Wants From Her Man
You seem to have done a lot of thesis.

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