What you need is to concentrate on your own good …

Comment on Haters Gonna Hate – Potatoes Gonna Potate by Peter Adewumi.

What you need is to concentrate on your own good deeds, and the haters will find their way.

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Missing In Action? Not Anymore

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You’re welcome back. I wish you the best in your just concluded examinations.

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Running Out Of Ideas On What To Blog About?
Happy Eid-El-Fitri! Did I get the spelling?

The Person Behind The Blog 💜

Beautiful face with beautiful blog and writing. Ride on with impact on the blogosphere and beyond. The sky is not even your limit. Best wishes!

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Why Monetizing Your Blog Isn’t Selfish

Personally, i don’t see monetizing one’s blog as selfishness. As you have said, Nusrath, as you have said, one has to spend a lot both financially and in hard work, before any gain can come at all. However, what I do in my own blog is still to make sure that I serve my followers better without taking a penny out of their pocket. thanks for sharing.

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