I love it. Definitely, feel you on this one. View Comment …

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I love it. Definitely, feel you on this one.

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What a thoughtful thing to do. It’s discouraging to write great posts that no one even sees.

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I’m really confused as to what I’m doing wrong. I don’t have any other social media sites because of how they sell your personal information and photos.

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My Take On The LGBT Community

I love your firm but gentle stance on the topic. I’ve been in conversations about homosexuality. What I gathered, ‘if you’re not for us, you hate us.’ It’s just not that black and white. You did a great job showing that gray area.

We can agree to disagree on a lot of issues and NO ONE has to be harmed in the process. If you can’t bring yourself to love a stranger, aim for respect. Showing respect for someone will at least stop you from wanting to see harm come their way.

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