😂 Yet to try that one but it is a …

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😂 Yet to try that one but it is a thought. Let me know how it works for you lol

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Haters Gonna Hate – Potatoes Gonna Potate
You won’t. Just make sure you have a plan. Like a clear surrounding so you can run right after the job is done. And make sure you catch them off guard incase they hit back and knock you out instead. Finally, the most important, make sure there are no witnesses. ☝🏾

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My Take On The LGBT Community

I’m usually skeptical about reading posts concerning this topic because of my own take on it, but this was a very good read. I completely agree with you. Not supporting something doesn’t mean you have to hate it. You don’t love people because of their sexual preferences so why hate them because of it? Also, it’s funny how people use religion to justify hating other people and not the sin in their own lives. People will choose to do what they want with their lives. We should be busy making sure we are doing everything right to please God, and hate is not one of those things.

Again, nice job!

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