Thanks Blogger3037, Stay Blessed :) …

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Thanks Blogger3037, Stay Blessed 🙂

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Glad you liked it, Stay Blessed 🙂

Hello Hatio3nisa, Thanks for your kind words. Stay Blessed 🙂

Hahaha yeah i no I realized that after posting my comment :p

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Throwback To 2017
Happy New Year Nusrath!😃 great post after a long time xD! All the very best with the upcoming blogs. Stay Blessed😊

In Pursuit Of Perfection
Great story and glad that your friend came out of through all her troubles! Kudos to her 😃. Stay Blessed! 🙂


Inside We Are All Black

True 🙂 but i think this phrase emphasizes on the fact that inside we all are same and colour or race should not disunite us 🙂

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Inside We Are All Black
Yep i have and it’s great! 😀

Inside We Are All Black
This video is one my favorites 😀 colour surely doesn’t define us. Its what we are from inside. 🙂 Something that surely needs to be erased from today’s society. RACISM

Wali 🙂