I guess so, but none of them do. It’s …

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I guess so, but none of them do. It’s not considered important anymore. I’m not Catholic so I don’t know the details. It’s a good thing that you are pursuing your relationship with God. 😊🙏

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I Began My ‘Oppressed’ Life
It goes to you first & then goes public (apparently).

I Began My ‘Oppressed’ Life
I don’t see my reply. Did u get it?

I Began My ‘Oppressed’ Life
I understand about hijab, but regarding the question about nuns, they no longer are required to cover their heads. 😊

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Glad you’re back.

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This is a tough one, but I guess it would be to always follow where the Holy Spirit leads. He always has my best interests at heart. 💜

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My sons, ages 19 & 13.

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Thank you for posting! 😊

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