Beautiful post, I really enjoy your blog (especially your blog …

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Beautiful post, I really enjoy your blog (especially your blog title!). I really think these types of blogs are important for everyone, if we all took the time to -really- listen to each other, I think we would find out we all have more in common than we may have originally thought and that we aren’t that different after all <3

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My Take On The LGBT Community

This is a very big problem everywhere, not just regarding this topic but many others. Are you a Trump supporter or are you not!? Are you gay or straight!? Are you fat or skinny!? Are you in college or not!? Are you [insert any religion that is not their own]!? So much judgement and so much hate. I just don’t understand why so many people are filled with so much anger, and why they can’t just try to love before they hate, understand before they judge, talk before they shout. If everyone just tried, the world would be much better off.

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