Funnier thing is, how the author approved this comment without …

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Funnier thing is, how the author approved this comment without approving the rest. Hilarious. Obviously, she doesnt have all the time in the world, and im pretty sure she would approve anything and everything you say because all the readers here can see you arent making sense. No reason to not approve? Btw, i see no comments by you on my comments. Why so?

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I Began My ‘Oppressed’ Life

Nice! I say a lot of facts and points in my previous comment, and all you cared to reply about was my interpretation of your quote unquote. I think it also does depend on the user of the quote/unquote to convey the proper message with the proper sarcasm. Also, didnt you quote “ranting” just to quote the person who initially said it? Maybe you should just stick to your intial facts without trying to justify bullcrap that you cant justify. It’ll do a whole lot of good to a lot of people.

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I Began My ‘Oppressed’ Life
Social media is for ranting, eh? Funny, all this time I thought it was for connecting with friends, sharing your thoughts, and making connections throughout the world. But oh well, I guess its for ranting.

And oh, your arguing is pretty damn on point. There’s 30 comments here, and none of them are offended, but what % of the worlds population correspond to that, right? Let’s take it proportionally. More than half of the followers of this blog aren’t Muslim, yet, they show support and understand and care. And there’s about 30 comments here. And one, against all this. Namely, you. But oh well, you dont like it, and suddenly, it corresponds to 2/3 of the worlds population? The writer intended no means of offense to anyone, writing here. She just wrote about her, hence, the diary of a muslim girl. The title speaks for itself, and I think you should be LITERATE enough to grasp what it means

Also, moving on to your idea of modesty. So, nuns wear this, they cover themselves for the fun of it? What do they hope to accomplish by this? Nobody ever told you that covering yourself with a hijab made you modest. First of all, scratch that idea. Muslims make up roughly 25% of the world’s population. Christians/Catholics make up 30% of it. Yet, only Catholic/Christian nuns cover their head. Why, may I ask? Are nuns not the closest to God? Or are you under the impression that they do it just for fun, like I believe you are under the impression of?

You did also mention something of truth though. That 2/3 of the worlds population do not wear it. And about 50% of Muslims dont, either. Why? Because of people like you, to be honest. We arent able to practice our religion, the way we want it, live our lives the way we want it, because of ignorant people like you. The racism, the constant naggings of “oppression” to women, the racist jokes, and the abuse done to women wearing a hijab in public, just because they want to pursue their Religion. Just because they want to do what they like. Impossible because of people like you. That gets us everytime. Terrorists, you call us. 25% of the whole damn world is Muslim. If we start bombing everyone around us, there’ll be no world. I hope you understand that.

Food for thought. No offense intended.