The “oppressed” connection likely began with policies in Iran & …

Comment on I Began My ‘Oppressed’ Life by RicAb.

The “oppressed” connection likely began with policies in Iran & the Middle east which made wearing the hijab a law. Further when the taliban terrorist group took control on afganistan for a few years in the 90’s & 00’s they forbade women to walk outside without a burka & a male guardian. These situations have been heavily publicized, together with the growing terrorist attacks funded by these same groups, have spread this oppressive association. A lot of cultures & religions have strict clothing guidelines yet aren’t as scrutinized throroughly as Muslims.
However modesty is only one aspect of life…and in my opinion is not just defined by what you wear, but also by how you act & think. Everybody is entitled to their own interpretations & have rights on what to wear. But it’s unhealthy to define a woman simply by what she wears, cause we don’t see the same standards being applied to men.