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Yep–I’m totally crying. Thanks for sharing!

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Question Of The Week – Q9

I was riding in the car with my husband and son. Something struck us funny and we all started laughing. I forget what it was that we found funny–I guess it doesn’t matter. The memory of laughing is simply enough to make me smile–even now as I’m writing this:)

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The Superficial Likes
My “like” above was genuine:) Thanks for this post!

Question Of The Week – Q3
I think my best decision was one my family and I made together. My husband had a job opportunity in the state of Washington, so we moved in August 2016 from Ohio to our new home here in the Greater Seattle Area. Though I had to leave my job, which I loved in Ohio, I’m finding all kinds of new things to do here. Our son is making good friends and the mountains and the ocean are not far away at all. Transitions are very tough, I’ll admit it, but there are many rewards as well.

Question Of The Week – Q1
All of my summer memories were–and still are the best! My brother, my sister, and I would take 4-H projects, go to friends’ houses to try out new recipes, watch movies, eat Popsicles, swim, and go on vacation. I try to keep this kind of summer spirit alive for my son as long as I can–he’s growing up so fast! - The Best Popunder Adnetwork