Wow so happy for you. Yes that’s a huge achievement. …

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wow so happy for you. Yes that’s a huge achievement. I hardly have 4 followers and it’s been more than a month I started my blog. To get that many followers in a short span of time is indeed commendable. Though it’s not about the numbers but it seems like people are able to connect to you. You go girl and congratulations. I hope I get to share my stats proudly too someday. Proud of you!

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It’s Been A Week!
Yes Nusrath I totally agree on that. I don’t having few follwers because I seriously love what I do. I would be writing even if I am my only audience. But I at least have few people reading my work and that’s like added scoop of ice cream for me. I am truly grateful to all my followers and especially you because you are my very best follower. Love you. Keep up the good work.

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wow this is really amazing.

Welcome Aboard!Ā 

Hey Piyush I have tagged you on my post the blue sky tag. Do check that out.

Welcome Aboard!Ā 
Hi Nusrath! Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you. I have been thinking of migrating as well . but now that you have I am sure you will able to give me some tips and tricks here and there to do so. šŸ˜€
The blog looks wonderful and I would have celebrated with you for this if I was with you. Anyways cheers and keep going.

My Aeipathy Besides Writing
You are a star no doubt. Keep it up!

My Aeipathy Besides Writing
Oh wow! So it all depends on the how good of a photographer you are.