“We just got to believe we can, and not stop …

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“We just got to believe we can, and not stop trying until it’s done.” Agreed.

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Let’s End Terrorism, One Step At A Time
I can’t stop crying, thinking about how these young people must have been singing and dancing and laughing, completely exuberant about the incredible experience they had all just shared. They must have been so happy. And then it was over, but it’s not over. It’s never over. How do we rid the world of this pestilence? But I agree with you: no finger pointing. Let’s fill the world with love, to the best of our abilities.

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The Power Of A Common Human

I just read it and it makes so much sense! It’s how I try to practice Life, and I won’t stop, but it is such an uphill trial. I almost wrote “uphill battle” but that sounds violent … whoops!

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Invention Which Helped Her Write Again
I love happy stories like this ❤️

Is Your Phone A Distraction?
ooooh! I will NOT let my husband see this, because he will download the app for me … he says I am always, always, always on the phone.
Ok, I do agree a little bit!

Discovery Of Widgets
Thank you so much!

My Aeipathy Besides Writing
It wasn’t until I saw the bus station (?) signage that I was convinced you didn’t actually live in Miami, Florida! There is much in common between the two cities. I can tell that you clearly love your city by the emotions portrayed in the photos. Thank you for sharing your other aeipathy with us!