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God loves a trier
Cheers Mo

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Let’s End Terrorism, One Step At A Time
Hi, I read this blog earlier and my reply wouldn’t post.
Good blog
We could all live our lives in fear of terrorists. I live in Ireland next door on the world map to England.
Two days ago a bomb went off outside a concert venue, a lot of people killed among them a 8 year old child numerous more were injured.
This world we love and live in is full is sick people who want to terrorise and start wars.
No one can live in fear, we can just pray for peace.
Cheers and love Mo Doyle

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Enough With The Double Standards
No problem

Enough With The Double Standards
I have no time this weekend, but, I’ll make a point of having a look.
Mind yourself
Mo Doyle X

Enough With The Double Standards
Hi I don’t know whether or not you have read my blog. I published my last blog the other day. When I get the chance I’ll read a couple of blogs of the bloggers who followed me. I will however have a peep at that blog later on. No don’t keep yourself awake worrying about someone else who made a comment.
I speak my mind and have as I said respect for all religions etc.
My passion is actually for Mental Health sufferers and what they go through and the stigma attached.
http:/tarfbp.wordpress. com
Look after yourself
Love Mo X

Enough With The Double Standards
Hi, you’ve got me so wrong
I’m a passive survivor of a very serious Mental Health disorder and no hater of any religion or anyone else’s beliefs, religion, political or sexuality.
I respect everyone’s opinion and freedom of speech.
Love Mo

What A Woman Wants From Her Man
Good normal blog, quite funny and entertaining. Credit were credits due.
Cheers and fair play Nusrath
Love Mo Doyle