Important thoughts. Thank you for posting these words as a …

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Important thoughts. Thank you for posting these words as a seed of peace.

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Welcome Aboard! 

It looks very different, and maybe lots of visitors using mobile items won’t notice the “two-thirds-size” I see at my computer: to me, your blog only covers a 2/3 part of the screen, the rest is blank white.
So, if you don’t mind: actually I would prefer to see another try with a better appliableness to the various type of screens .
But in any case: you rule 🙂

The Anti-Terrorism Ad Which Is Taking Over The World
A strong and remarkable message. Thank you for sharing!

Discovery Of Widgets
Also true 🙂

Discovery Of Widgets
I like this way of following by e-mail myself, because I like to visit blogs really, not just via “reader”, where every blog look s the same.
Also, there might someone like to follow without being a blog-writer her- or himself.

Some of the widgets are really worth a try, because they are usefull, some are just like decorating a room – and which woman in the world doesn’t like such? 🙂

What A Woman Wants From Her Man
Even in the joking part, there is no wrong word in it 🙂