I am totally on board with this post! I …

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I am totally on board with this post! I only woke up from a decades long oblivion. Grand-daughters will do that to old men. We will all work at this one step at a time. The two moons of Mars are called Deimos (terror) and Phybos(fear). They breed darkness in the souls of humanity. Light and empathy can drive back the darkness. Only by growing the empathy in the minds of evil people, greedy people can we free humanity to a better way to live. I will try to do my part. Peace!

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Dear Not Anymore Best Friend

It is hard to find the people we love and trust the most are just human and flawed. It is even harder to learn that they are just like ourselves.

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The Superficial Likes
I like the likes, but you are correct. We all want a more intimate response of our work, we all want to feel we have touched a mind and helped them make the world better. I know that it is hard for people to be overwhelmed by something distant from their daily lives. Still, we as “writers” keep trying, so that they can keep trying to connect to be beauty and terrors of the bizarre world. I am grateful for your blog!

Is Your Phone A Distraction?
It took me forever to learn to ignore phones, we are all taught to answer them. I love voice mail and the ability to turn off the ringer! I am enjoying your new format!

Why Monetizing Your Blog Isn’t Selfish

Someday, thanks!

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The Anti-Terrorism Ad Which Is Taking Over The World
Thanks for the link! I haven’t watched it yet, but I will this evening. A little bit of Friday night fare. Could you tell me the other 4 pillars of Islam? I always forget. Thanks for #4: fasting. My mind is like a sieve these days and the mesh grows larger as the years tick by.