It sadden to see so much hatred in the world. …

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It sadden to see so much hatred in the world. We are born as a pure human being and I cannot fathom the evilness that one can turned out to be. But of course, there are several contributing factors for one to become that way. However, many need to know that the actions of an individual or a group does not define the entire population of the believers. It is such pain to see for the masses of the world to point their fingers to a certain group. But, I guess that is the easiest thing that anyone can do. To blame others so that it can ease their pain and suffering. Great post you have here. Much love. ❤

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Let’s End Terrorism, One Step At A Time
Indeed I am a Muslim and having a great Ramadan so far! I guess my name usually throws people off 😂

Let’s End Terrorism, One Step At A Time
Yes Izrael is indeed my name. I know that it doesn’t give them any right to blame a certain religion because of the actions of some terror organisations. But, sadly, that is how the world works and more needs to be done for us to come together to combat terrorism. Hope that you are having a wonderful Ramadan! 😊

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Just know that you won’t be seeing those people who were mean to you anymore once you have completed your education. I know that it is hurtful to experience it but come out a strong person than before. I know that you are much better than they are. Much love <3

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Is Your Phone A Distraction?

This application would definitely be useful to many students out there! Especially those who are easily distracted. Thanks for introducing me to this, I will definitely be downloading and using it. Much love <3

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All Lives Matter, But Does Yours Matter More? 

I think it depends on the individual perspective on whether their life is valuable as compared to others. But as for myself, I think that my life is not as valuable as I am just on this earth trying to find a purpose that I have not found yet.

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I am happy to know that your friend is doing well currently. It must have been a scary time for him and his family back then.

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I definitely do need to get rid of my bad habit of posting irregularly. But you know sometimes life get in the way when you are busy with work and school. Or even when laziness just gets in the way 😂