Let’s Focus On The Good 

Hey lovelies! <3

If you’ve been being reading my blog via a browser (please do, it’s much more interesting than reading through the WordPress reader), you might have noticed the amazing theme of my blog. (I think it’s amazing!)

What you might have not noticed is that I’ve added a drop down to my ‘Changing The World‘ menu. There’s two menus on the drop down.

‘Let’s Focus On The Good’ is a subcategory I opened to share inspirational videos and articles of the good in the world. I think it’s important to have a place which you can go to and keep smiling throughout.

You can check the articles I have under that category so far,

While you are at my menu bar, I’ll guide you through the rest of the menus through which you can easily search whatever the content you want.

  • About Me is where you can find all the posts in which I’ve talked about myself (including family, friends, lifestyle, etc). There’s three links so far,
  1. Why I Started Blogging
  2. It’s Been A Week 💜
  3. My Aeipathy Besides Writing
  • Random is where you can find all the random, informative stuff on my blog. There’s quite a number of links under it, so I’m not going to list them here. Do check it out for yourself though, you don’t wanna miss it.
  • Reblogs is where you can find amazing content published by fellow bloggers which I reblog (reads that interest me and make me think would interest you too).
  • Islam is where you can find articles about Islam, Misconceptions of Islam, etc.
  • Suggest A Topic is where you need to go to do exactly what it says. It can be information you want for something (an assignment, a speech), for your reading pleasure, anything basically. I will try my best to write about it. If I can’t, I’ll make sure to reply to you that I’m unable to write about it, to make sure you don’t wait for it.

With Love.

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