Make Your Blog Matter

Attention new bloggers! πŸ‘₯

Most of you by now may have read a number of blogs about blogging. Why do I know that? I’ve been reading some as well. The first blog which popped up to my ‘reader’ was about blogging. And of course most of you might have googled ‘how to make your blog interesting’ just as I have.

With an understanding that you and I both know all them tips by heart, I’ll just make my message very short. Oh wait! Now that I think about it, there may be people who aren’t familiar with these tips, so I’ll help them out just a bit. Bear with me, the all knowing.

  1. Be genuine.
  2. Determine the purpose of your blog, and stick with it.
  3. Don’t be boring, make sure your blog has great content.
  4. Post regularly.
  5. Mix it up a bit. Try out a new type of content every month.
  6. Neither too short, nor too long – Make it just right.
  7. Post on weekdays, your readers are less likely to be online on weekends. πŸ˜‰ (That’s a neat trick.)
  8. Make sure your content is SEO-friendly. Beginner’s Guide to SEO
  9. Use social media.
  10. Make your blog visually interesting.
  11. Don’t worry about the numbers. It’s always better to have followers (even a few) who are very keen about your blog.
  12. Be part of the blogging world.

That’s pretty much it.

Is it though?

Nah uh. It isn’t.

Behold.. The greatest tip of all time! (It’s not as great as I make it seem but here goes..)

ENJOY YOURSELF! Period! Enjoy writing! Enjoy sharing your thoughts! Heck, even enjoy pressing that ‘publish’ button. Just enjoy everything about it! Why is this so important? Because, at the end of a long tiring day, that’s what you’ll get back from blogging. Happiness. Pure joy.

I do understand how important it is that you make your blog matter to your readers. But it’s your blog, make it matter to you first! Then you can worry about the others.

Happy joyous blogging! πŸ˜‡

With Love.


68 thoughts on “Make Your Blog Matter

  1. I totally agree with you. The best part of the message to me “ENJOY YOURSELF! Period! Enjoy writing! Enjoy sharing your thoughts! Heck, even enjoy pressing that β€˜publish’ button. Just enjoy everything about it! Why is this so important? Because, at the end of a long tiring day, that’s what you’ll get back from blogging. Happiness. Pure joy.” Loved reading.

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  2. Excellent tips, including the SEO link, length and content. Blogging regularly without overloading your followers is important also. Some blog every day and I think I prefer fewer blogs, maybe 4 per week. Some also have blog promotion days, where they invite bloggers to write about themselves and ask everyone to visit other blogs, creating an interconnected community. I look forward to reading your blog is in the future.

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    1. Thank you! I don’t have a schedule yet since I’m prepping for my exams these days. Once I’m done with that, I’ll blog quite regularly. Until then, it’s random. 😊 Looking forward to blogging more! Thanks again!

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  3. Nusrath S…Tasleem!
    You have given some beautiful tips on blogging.
    You seem to have known about it since long and are experienced. Great!
    Adding to it I would want say little….
    Read other blogs sincerely.
    Only if you like after reading put your like.
    You can only comment if read with good spirit.
    Make habit to read older blogs of others, they are just jewels from their Jewel Box.
    Fond Regards

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    1. Very very true. That’s why my first tip was be genuine. It’s always important to be sincere in whatever you do. I started blogging only a few days back, so nope I am not experienced. Have a good day!

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      1. Yes I did note that about the first tip, I have elaborated it a little more. You shall know why as time passes by.
        Welcome to this beautiful world of blogging. Let more nice posts come from you.
        All the very Best to YOU.

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  4. Wow you’re so right…I love your blog! You seem like such an awesome girl πŸ™‚ How did you get such a big community on your blog, and how do you get people to interact through comments and stuff? I have trouble getting people to comment even though I would love to interact with them on my blog…

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    1. Hey Tabitha! Thank you so much! To answer your question, this is exactly how you do it. What you did with this blog. Read blogs, if you like them comment sincerely like this, and that’s pretty much it. See what I mean? You’ve interacted with me. Well done! That’s what keeps you going. Be part of the conversation in the blogosphere. Much love. ❀️

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  5. I agree with your view about posting regularly! But, that is one of my bad habits of blogging. I will post once in a while :/ But, one other important thing to add is that reader engagement is important as well. That is when you build relationship with other bloggers and become internet friends. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes true. I like what a wise chap you are. 😬 I think that’s what I meant by ‘be part of the blogging world’. The blogosphere is like a little community of people who’ll be very good friends if it wasn’t a virtual world (although they can still be very good friends). Maybe you could post more regularly and rid your bad habit in that case. 🀣 Happy Blogging!

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      1. I definitely do need to get rid of my bad habit of posting irregularly. But you know sometimes life get in the way when you are busy with work and school. Or even when laziness just gets in the way πŸ˜‚

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        1. Haha. True! But in my case, I’ve a feeling that won’t happen. Life might get in the way of blogging. My mum’s going to get so upset when she sees this. Don’t worry mum, I’m only kidding! ❀️

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  6. Truer words were never spoken. After the uphill battle and despair of a comatose and ignored YouTube channel I returned to what I actually love: writing. I’m much more involved and am loving life again. Just enjoy it. Life’s too short.

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  7. Great post. I only had my blog for about 3 months now and I have read dozens of different blog posts about how make your blog matter, but not as understandable and easy to read as yours; so Thank You.

    I know that you said it’s not about the numbers and there were times that I kept blogging and getting no results, until now I have 4 followers that I am glad that genuinely like my blog (one of them is you so thank you).

    Thank you for the advice. God Bless

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