Great post. I only had my blog for about 3 …

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Great post. I only had my blog for about 3 months now and I have read dozens of different blog posts about how make your blog matter, but not as understandable and easy to read as yours; so Thank You.

I know that you said it’s not about the numbers and there were times that I kept blogging and getting no results, until now I have 4 followers that I am glad that genuinely like my blog (one of them is you so thank you).

Thank you for the advice. God Bless

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The Superficial Likes

You are so right. People have “this constant need to get validation from other people about how good they look and what they are doing with their lives.”

I feel that that is why people keep pressing the like button because they probably have low self-esteem.

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My Morning Routine – Why I Schedule Everything

Great post. When I plan on creating a new blog for myself about my relationship with God, I will keep this post as a motivator.

Thank you for the post and God Bless

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I Began My ‘Oppressed’ Life

Great post. Although I am Christian, I feel that most people don’t even understand the significance of Muslim women wearing the hijab due to recent circumstances in the U.S. But, I know several Muslim friends who would agree with you so CONGRATULATIONS on taking this step. May God bless you.

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All Lives Matter, But Does Yours Matter More? 
I agree I feel that although you may value your life, sometimes it is that underlining trait of humanity that makes us humans and not animals. Animals look after for themselves because they need to survive, but humans are better than that; humans can come together and support each other.

Enough With The Double Standards
Great post. I too feel that just because someone is born into a Muslim family doest make that person a Muslim just like a person being born to a Christian family doesn’t make that person a Christian.

So, all religions no matter where they’re from doesn’t Define who the person is some can be labeled a Christian and not actually follow Christ