Great post. When I plan on creating a new blog …

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Great post. When I plan on creating a new blog for myself about my relationship with God, I will keep this post as a motivator.

Thank you for the post and God Bless

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Quote Of The Week
I absolutely loved that video. And it is true, all the world needs is one simple act of kindness that can create a chain reaction. No matter how small, the effects of your kindness and ripple through others.

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I would like feedback on my recent blog post. Any constructive criticism and feedback is accepted.

Here is the link to my blog post:

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The Superficial Likes

You are so right. People have “this constant need to get validation from other people about how good they look and what they are doing with their lives.”

I feel that that is why people keep pressing the like button because they probably have low self-esteem.

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Question Of The Week – Q6
Six word sentence to describe my life: Detail-oriented student who loves Jesus Christ.

Question of The Week – Q5
One of my quirkiest habits would probably be talking to myself even when people are in the room. - The Best Popunder Adnetwork