The pleasure is all mine, Nusrath – keep up the …

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The pleasure is all mine, Nusrath – keep up the good work. We change the world we live in by doing good works. 🙂

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My Aeipathy Besides Writing
I’m particularly partial to anything with a sun and a sky (good that they usually stick together) but I also loved that orange wall and the wet grass too. You have a good eye for an interesting photograph – well done. 🙂
Kindness – Robert.

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Why I Started Blogging
Angel are everywhere – even in the mirror. 😉

Why I Started Blogging
Yep – it’s up there with Let It Be and Que Sera Sera – but just a little more hip and ‘with it’. You’re the next big thing, Nusrath. 🙂

Why I Started Blogging
I like that.
It comes as it comes.
That should be my slogan for life. 🙂
Kindness – Robert.

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Why I Started Blogging
Hiya, Nusrath – so, I came (at your kind invitation) – I saw your lovely photographs and read a little about you and … what would you suggest I look at next. You got any stories that you’ve written?
Hope you having a great day. 🙂
Kindness – Robert. - The Best Popunder Adnetwork