It wasn’t until I saw the bus station (?) signage …

Comment on My Aeipathy Besides Writing by Susan W Goldstein.

It wasn’t until I saw the bus station (?) signage that I was convinced you didn’t actually live in Miami, Florida! There is much in common between the two cities. I can tell that you clearly love your city by the emotions portrayed in the photos. Thank you for sharing your other aeipathy with us!

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The Power Of A Common Human

I just read it and it makes so much sense! It’s how I try to practice Life, and I won’t stop, but it is such an uphill trial. I almost wrote “uphill battle” but that sounds violent … whoops!

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Invention Which Helped Her Write Again
I love happy stories like this ❤️

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Is Your Phone A Distraction?
ooooh! I will NOT let my husband see this, because he will download the app for me … he says I am always, always, always on the phone.
Ok, I do agree a little bit!

Blue Sky Tag
Just want you to know I am thrilled to be included! I am visiting my son’s for the weekend & will follow your instructions asap! xo Susan

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Question Of The Week – Q2
My biggest regret is/was allowing the fear of public humiliation [!!!] stop me from trying new things. Like, I never did learn how to do a cartwheel; I never quit my job to move to California for no reason at all except I wanted to be “discovered” and become famous (and I’m sure that it is just that easy!); I don’t wear bright colors; I am not the lead singer in a rock band (maybe I can sing … who knows? I never tried!!); I don’t wear hats. I’m never ostentatious.
But tomorrow I will wear shocking pink, agreed? - The Best Popunder Adnetwork