Oh wow! So it all depends on the how good …

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Oh wow! So it all depends on the how good of a photographer you are.

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My Aeipathy Besides Writing
You are a star no doubt. Keep it up!

My Aeipathy Besides Writing
What camera are you using? I have been trying to decide which one to buy?

My Aeipathy Besides Writing
your pictures are as beautiful as you are. Love them all.

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Pizza Shop In Philadelphia Feeding The Homeless
wow this is really amazing.

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Welcome Aboard! 

Hey Piyush I have tagged you on my post the blue sky tag. Do check that out.

Welcome Aboard! 
Hi Nusrath! Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you. I have been thinking of migrating as well . but now that you have I am sure you will able to give me some tips and tricks here and there to do so. 😀
The blog looks wonderful and I would have celebrated with you for this if I was with you. Anyways cheers and keep going.

Blue Sky Tag
Thank you for the tag dear. Yes I will surely be participating. I will do it by tomorrow. Please do check my blog tomorrow I would have done it by then. Thank you once again 😚😚

Question Of The Week – Q2
I guess I have no regrets as such but lot lessons learned from my mistakes.

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