Homophobic! Does the term depict hatred of the act or hatred …

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Does the term depict hatred of the act or hatred of the practitioners or both?
As the discourse expands, the word assumes ambiguity. We need more terminology to cater to all points of view.

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The Superficial Likes

I think it is the pressure! I have come to realise that as your follower base expands it comes with its own unique set of challenges: How do you show all your followers that you are still invested in what they have to say. The “consecutive likes” becomes quite tempting. While it may be a shortcut, it does at least say you are visiting even if you are just passing through.
But admittedly, one comment seems to pack more gratification than consecutive likes.

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Enough With The Double Standards
I come from a country were RELIGION especially Islam is mobilised as an identity mainly for the purpose of political power. This identity is so engrained that we consistently have violence emanating from a certain part of the country.
As such the line between Muslims and the rest of the society is palpable. I have heard of, and witnessed things; the inhuman consequences of Religious riots. Yet I have many amiable Muslim friends and have been in a tight situation where the only help I received came from a Muslim. As such, it is my estimation here that for a religion with over 1billion adherents, it is morally wrong to classify every one of them a terrorist. If they were, we would be living in the apocalypse.
The real enemy here I believe are those who have no inhibitions in mobilising and weaponising the religion for the purpose of achieving political ends. Their actions give true meaning to the classic axiom of “one bad apple s(p)oiling the bunch.”