Firstly, let me appreciate you for being confident enough to …

Comment on My Take On The LGBT Community by ozspeak.

Firstly, let me appreciate you for being confident enough to pen down ur thoughts on a topic that has greatly divided opinions and on top of that, mostly managing to hold a balanced view. I agree with you on many counts, like, hate is disastrous for the society, that hateful opinions r better not spread, that we must introspect before we criticize, etc.
However, some fine points I couldn’t grasp and here are my reasons-
– ‘we should not be judging ppl as that’s God’s job’- agreed that judging ppl is not the best of things to do but at times, it is necessary. For eg. If corruption is a bad activity, then consequently the corrupt must be judged bad too. No person can be separated from his deeds.
– ‘you should love ppl for who they are, not for their sexual preference’- that seems like an ironical statement in itself. Our preferences govern our personality and we are loved or ‘not loved’ for our personality. Sexual preference is very much a part of my personality, just like food preference is.
– ‘Me not supporting homosexuality basically means I won’t say that I support homosexuals’- It actually means much more than that. If we do not support a cause, it is only bcz we do not deem it to be just. Noone can regard something as morally upright while, at the same time, not supporting it. And if we believe that being LGBT is morally correct, then perhaps all of us should follow suit (that will be an exciting way of total population control!!)
– ‘We are all different’- rightly said. But the notion cannot be stretched to include and permit all activities. Because, then, the mafias may plead innocence on the same ground. “I rob banks to earn money. U got a problem with that? Respect the diversity ppl!!”

Overall, I wud say there are 2 great points to take away from this blog- 1. Hate nobody, 2. even if you are right in your opinion, you must practise the delicate art of putting opinions forward in a respectable manner.
Do correct me where I am at fault.

P.S.: Sorry for the length of the comment (almost a blog in itself!).

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