I have mixed feelings about this post, I can see …

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I have mixed feelings about this post, I can see that your intentions are good, there is too much hate in the world. We should not judge others unless their intentions are bad or evil.

I personally don’t even see homosexuality any more, I just see people. Some of my friends are gay, some of my cousins are gay, some of my work colleagues are gay… to me they’re just people, I treat them no differently from anyone else.

The difference is that I DO support them. Why should they suffer any abuse, or find difficulty in getting married? They’re just people like you and me!

I read a good quote recently…
“Gay marriage is not a privilege, it is a right. A privilege would be like gay people not paying taxes… like churches don’t!”

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My Take On The LGBT Community

I like to think that as the world continues to diversify, and communities become a richer mix of people, that we start to see the differences between us fade away. It’s the 21st century, and we need a 21st century way of thinking!

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My Take On The LGBT Community
Thanks. I’ve never fully understood people’s hatred of homosexuality. Other people’s feelings are no business of anyone else! Why should I treat my gay friend any different to my straight friend? We all bleed the same colour! Religion is nothing more than a concept, faith is a story you choose to believe and should have no consequence on anyone’s life other than your own, unless you were choosing to help someone. And by you, I don’t mean you personally, I’m talking generally about people when I say that!