Hate is a word that kids dosen’t know,when we are …

Comment on My Take On The LGBT Community by anextraordinaryandordinarylifeblog.

Hate is a word that kids dosen’t know,when we are kids naturally we like or dislike things but we don’t hate,we start to hate someone or something when our teachers teaches us who was or who is our enemy,governaments and medias tell us who to hate,when governaments and medias tell us who is our enemy,in the past I used to hate homosexuals,I used to have fun of people that would look homosexuals,then I started to travel first and for work I have been living in countries where homosexuality is accepted and part of the society,slowly I began to realize that I didn’t hate them,actually I didn’t care,now some of my really good friends are gays and transexualls,I used to hate them when I lived in Italy cause I have been taught like this,love is love and dosen’t matter how is expressed,but I’m agree with your post,there are many reasons why we might don’t like somoeone or something but that’s ok cause is natural,is part of being human,hate isn’t a natural thing,hate is a man made feeling
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