Open! It’s important!

Guys, please sign this petition! NOW! Every sign counts. We really need yours! Comment once you’re done and I’ll make sure to treat you for that! 💜

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  1. Wonderful to have a follower from Sri Lanka, where I have been. I know pretty all of your island and I like it very much. From which place are you? I like people who want and try to make our world a better place. Go for it!
    Greetings from Germany!

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  2. Signed!
    I hear a Norwegian has given over 2billion dollars to help with the cleaning of the oceans! I pray our little efforts of signing the petition yields more positive results!

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      1. Hi Nusrath, you said you would reblog a post you like from the blog posts of anyone who signed the plastic petition! Guess there’s none of mine that you like, I signed the petition!

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        1. Oh no no! I have been a bit busy lately. Not my best days. Infact I remembered your comment that you signed the plastic petition and I was thinking ‘I should go online and reblog one of his post’. I will for sure.. I just need time to read all of them. Cheers!

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          1. Nusrath, you are a blessing! You just thought me something I didn’t know. The press this stuff! I uploaded the plugin and activated it! It’s now one of my tools! Thanks a million. I added the press this to the post on packaging the self!

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  3. The petition is still open. I just signed it. Thanks for sharing this on your blog. It’s such an important issue, and it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s something all nations and all nationalities should be able to come together on!

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