Open Letter To All Parents

Dear Parents,

We get that you love us. We love you too. We get that you want the best for us. We hope for the best for you too. We get that you want us to be happy. We want you to be happy too.

We just want you to understand us and accept us for who we are. We just want to be us. You made us who we are today. You have guided us through the entire time we didn’t understand anything. We are proud that you are our parents. We appreciate everything you do for us. We really do.Wholeheartedly.

But now please let us grow up. Let us make mistakes. Let us go out on a trip alone. Let us have some fun with our friends. Let us enjoy some time with our colleagues. Let us fall in love.

Times have changed. We are adventurous, and we want to explore this world. We want to go on trips, alone or with our friends. We want to have some fun, playing football or video-games. We want to go out for lunch or dinner with our colleagues for a change from the usual tiring days of work. We want to fall in love and know what it’s like to feel so much in our hearts.

Stop us from becoming liars, thieves, backstabbers, cheaters,smokers, alcoholics and even murderers. Stop us from hurting other people. Stop us from cheating on our partners. Stop us from stealing from our neighbors. Stop us from smoking and getting wasted. These are the real problems in the world.These are the things you need to stop us from doing.

Don’t stop us from being adventurous, having some fun and falling in love. We know you might want to find a partner for us. We know you think it’s the right thing, but what if we are happy with who we found? What if we know what we are doing? What if we don’t want to be married to someone we aren’t already in love with? Shouldn’t you at least give us a chance to find the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with?

We always think about you. Every decision we make. Every permission we need to take. You have always been on our minds. Did you know that parents who allow their children to make their own mistakes have a closer and more real relationship with their children? Don’t you want that with us?

If you let us do something we begged you to give us a chance to do, we will love you even more. We will always come to you with anything new– win or loss, success or failure of our lives. We will be eternally grateful that you believed in us to lead our own lives. No-one in this world is perfect,so please don’t expect us to be.

You will not always be able to tell us what to do with our lives, but if you let us decide and support whatever we decide, we will always know where to come with our life stories to.


Your Imperfect Children.

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  1. What I liked best about your letter is that it’s very conversational. It has a respectful tone to it. It leaves room for discussion. It expresses specific wants, needs, and desires. It gives credit where credit is due, and seems to also ask for credit to be extended for independent thought and deeds. I can definitely imagine mutual resonance taking hold. Nice!

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