I read as often as I can lately….. 🙂 After …

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I read as often as I can lately….. 🙂 After a short vacation this past weekend, my promise to myself was to get back to actively keeping up within the blogging community… 🙂

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Question Of The Week – Q1
Thanks! The name came to me a couple of years ago, but just wasn’t sure what to do with it… Now, starting with the blog and definitely growing from there. 🙂

Question Of The Week – Q1
Thank you!! It’s wonderful to be able to look back onto the various memories of the past… something we should all do more often.

Question Of The Week – Q1
This would be pure paradise. There is definitely something about being at the water’s edge…

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Question Of The Week – Q1
What an amazing vision!!!

Question Of The Week – Q1
I am certainly loving this idea!! And look forward to backtracking to read the others’ memories.
Mine would have to be the late summer evenings sitting under the big oak tree in my grandparents’ front yard. The whole family would be there…aunts, uncles, cousins, even friends… enjoying my Gram’s homemade ice cream and tending to whatever fresh vegetables had been brought in from the gardens that day. Sometimes that would be shucking the corn so that it could be cut off the cob and frozen, and other days that would be shelling all the buckets of black-eyed peas. Now that my grandparents have passed on- those are memories that are truly irreplaceable.

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