Question Of The Week – Q8

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

My answer to last week’s question –

This is a tough one. There is religion, my family and the love of my life. However, I do firmly believe that religion and my family are something which I would never have to give up on anyway.

  • Religion – Well, of course not.
  • Family – Even if I give up on them, they’ll probably creep up on me and force me back. 😂

I guess I could go with the love that I share with the love of my life (in that case too though, he’ll probably creep up on me and force me back).

All in all, the hardest thing for me to give up on would be love itself. I am a great believer in love.

With Love.

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27 thoughts on “Question Of The Week – Q8”

  1. A good question, now I’m 66, I’ve been given lots of advice over the years, but the one that humourously sticks in my mind was only from a few years ago.
    I was sitting down with my dad having a chat, Dad and I ran a Plumbing business together. He liked to hear my stories about the jobs I was doing, so after telling dad about my weeks activities, of which, as always, he was so attentive, he paused for a few seconds, and said to me… “You know Ivor, I reckon, if you stick at it, you’ll make a good Plumber one Day”… I just had to smile, he was such a kind and gentle father, here he was at 90 years old, telling me at 63 years old, that I should stick at it. I always have great delight in retelling this story, as it was such a beautiful moment for me between father and son…..

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  2. I’ve received so much advice, not sure exactly which one is the best. But this is one that really stuck with me. It’s from one of the people I feel closest to, who’s very successful and wise.

    ‘Love people where they’re at right now.’

    I think it’s very important because often, we want people to be what we need. But if we start loving them just the way they are, at whatever point of their journey they’re at right now, I think a lot of problems could be solved.

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