Aaah! no more Qs of the week, :( i didnt take …

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aaah! no more Qs of the week, 🙁
i didnt take part regularly but used to be fun XD! Cheers! 🙂

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Question Of The Week – Q13
I think ill call my family but id rather prefer calling one of my really close friends for a last bubye and ask him/her to inform my family and give them the message that i love them! 😀

Question Of The Week – Q10
Niagra Falls!! Dunno why but i always wanted to go there 😀 XD!

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Heyy Nusrath! 😀 Congratulations on ur achievement. not a part of the blogging community but still as a techy i’d say every drop in the ocean counts 😉 . Keep striving and keep writing more of ur great blogs!
Stay blessed! 😉

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Question Of The Week – Q6

An over enthusiastic and approachable programmer :p

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