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Yep, I’ve done a lot of scary things !!

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Aaah, most of women are dangerous creatures then……

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I just need that ball to play with

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My dreams are in trouble, I’m always doubting myself

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Thankyou, for this interesting article.

Question Of The Week – Q8

A good question, now I’m 66, I’ve been given lots of advice over the years, but the one that humourously sticks in my mind was only from a few years ago.
I was sitting down with my dad having a chat, Dad and I ran a Plumbing business together. He liked to hear my stories about the jobs I was doing, so after telling dad about my weeks activities, of which, as always, he was so attentive, he paused for a few seconds, and said to me… “You know Ivor, I reckon, if you stick at it, you’ll make a good Plumber one Day”… I just had to smile, he was such a kind and gentle father, here he was at 90 years old, telling me at 63 years old, that I should stick at it. I always have great delight in retelling this story, as it was such a beautiful moment for me between father and son…..

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