Inside We Are All Black

A must watch because racism has become a huge issue nowadays!

These are the kind of things you should show on television commercials. Specially when it’s a commercial to a cartoon or a kiddies movie. It teaches the kid something really special, and makes his/her time worthwhile.

I think this video is really sweet and everyone should watch it. Show it to your parents, spouse, siblings, children, basically everyone.

With Love.


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19 thoughts on “Inside We Are All Black

  1. This video is one my favorites πŸ˜€ colour surely doesn’t define us. Its what we are from inside. πŸ™‚ Something that surely needs to be erased from today’s society. RACISM

    Wali πŸ™‚

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  2. But in my opinion, i’m not sure its right to say “Inside we are all black” just as it is not right to say “Inside we are all white/brown or anything” we are all beautiful in the variation of exotic colors Allah has created us in. There is no one shade of black or white or anything. Why consider us one thing when we are so much more than that? 😊

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    1. Yup love. You are 100% right. I think the reference to “inside we are all black” means we are all a creation of God. We are all human. Just like in the video, the woman says to her child, God made humans black first. Eventhough God made humans black first (which may or may not be true), “inside we are all black”..

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  3. That is a commercial you definitely won’t see on TV or even at the movie theater.

    God has made all of us different physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.

    I am black. But, there is no other black person who exactly looks like me, thinks like me, acts like me, and so on. The same thing goes with everyone else.

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