I have nominated you for the liebster award go check …

Comment on Relationships And Men – Expectations by PIYUSH BILANDI.

I have nominated you for the liebster award go check my site

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I Began My ‘Oppressed’ Life

Nice post and Nice Tradition of Hijab!!!! I really like it and I have nominated you for the sunshine Award!!!
Go Check Out at https://techtalksandnews.wordpress.com/2017/06/28/the-sunshine-blogger-award-nomination/

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Running Out Of Ideas On What To Blog About?


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The Person Behind The Blog šŸ’œ
You write great and it reflects your life and those saying you bad are foolish. I will just say Keep writing and spread the love. Actually I also like to be love with myself strategy as its good which never betrays you and leave you.

Global Warming – What We Can Do About It

Nice post to encourage people towards global warming

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Welcome Aboard!Ā 
Looks cool. Now your blog is looking beautiful. And tell me which plan you buy because I am also thinking to upgrade my plan. Nice Theme.
Nice customization. And congratulations for upgrading.