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Welcome Aboard! 

Hey guys!

Yesterday I was working on transferring my blog from a free WordPress.com account to a self hosted WordPress.org account.

I just migrated all of my followers to my new domain name. (I got rid of the blog.wordpress part in my domain name. Yay!) My new domain name is simply www.thediaryofamuslimgirl.com.

If you don’t mind, could you please check my new website here and tell me if my new theme is better? Honest reviews please.

PS – It’s better if you can compare the two on your computer.

I really hope you guys get notified of this post the same way you got notified of it before (through email or in the WordPress reader). Could you kindly comment below how you came across this post? It’ll help a lot. I just wanna know if it’s working the same as my old blog.

Now I can add more media, videos. I have unlimited space on my blog. Yay! It’ll be exciting for both you (I hope) and me.

With Love,

Nusrath. ❤️