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Be The Bigger Person

Hi lovelies! ❤️

It’s been forever since I updated my blog. Life just keeps happening, you know. Wait, lemme take that back. Life is not happening, life is banging across my face these days. There is so much on my plate I hardly have time to do anything. 😭

Now that I’ve written the “I’m back and hoping to be back for good” part, let’s get on with this post shall we?

Have you guys watched the movie ‘Wonder’? It was literally one of the most influential movies in 2017.

Trust me on this. No matter how ‘macho’ you are and all the excuses you have to not watch this, you got to watch it. Most definitely.

There are so many life lessons you can learn from ‘Wonder’ but something which I cannot seem to get off my head is Mr. Browne’s precept.

First of all, what is a precept? 🤔

Precepts are life codes. It’s in a way a cool word for rules. “Rules for really important things”.

This is Mr. Browne’s famous precept in the movie ‘Wonder’.

When given the choice between being right or being kind, chose kind. 😊

I personally think every single one of us can learn from this precept and change everyones lives for the better.

While choosing to be kind may sound so easy, the problem is that humans have a natural instinct to be right. Everyone always want to be right. Why is that? I’m assuming that’s because it makes us feel good, wise maybe.

The thing is, when you chose to be kind all the time and give up the chance to be right, in a way you are being the bigger person. People love being right. Instead you should love being the bigger person. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and take this the wrong way now. 🙄

Being the bigger person means that you don’t let other people take control of your actions. It means your focus is on being a better person instead of being drowned in what others say or think about you. It means that instead of bashing out, you keep it in and ignore it. It means even though you don’t really have to be kind, you are being kind nonetheless.

Being the bigger person isn’t easy at all. It means you have to be more mature. It means even though you feel like slapping a person right across their face you smile and nod instead. It means that you have to pretend as if you didn’t hear the people you are giving a lift home shaming you and still give them that lift home and wave goodbye with a smile. It means you have to show love and compassion to people who are the most difficult to love. It’s like learning to accept an apology you never ever got. 💁🏻

I do get that ones take on this topic might be completely against mine. This is mainly because when you are hurt, you want to hurt that person back. Why? To make them feel the way you do.

Being the bigger person might seem like good advice to someone else, but when it’s your turn to be the bigger person it might seem like bullshit advice. That is exactly what we should work on. Why?

Hurting the person who hurt you makes you exactly like them. 😓

You don’t want to be like them. You hate the fact that people like them exist, so why would you want to increase the population of those people and include yourself in it?

Just think about it. Take as long as you want but think about it deeply.

If you were given the choice between being right or being kind, what would you chose? 😌

With Love. ❤️

Hearts Of Service

Hearts of Service is a group of young adults in Sri Lanka who does everything they can to empower and spread joy among people.

Here’s an interview I had with one of the co-founders of the group – Afra.

  1. How and when did this all start?

Answer: Isuri and I grew up together as schoolmates. [Lyceum International School, Wattala] We both were in the same class in Grade 1 and moving on to Grade 9, we were back together in the same class. Since then our friendship built, personalities developed and found ourselves with mutual passions to help build communities. In 2017, in aid of the flood victims we came together and since then we created a name, a logo and are continuing to pursue to change and creating a difference.

2. Did it start with the same amount of people there is now? If not, how did the community grow?

Answer: No. Initially, it was only the two of us, our families and our closest friends, but now we have a team of approximately 30 members and growing.

3. How many projects have you’ll accomplished so far?

Answer: We have completed 3 projects. Recovery aid for flood victims in Matara, Blood donation camp at Wattala, student empowerment workshop program at Peliyagoda.

4. How much of work does it take per project? How long does it take to get everything prepared for each project?

Answer: Depending on the circumstances and matter of urgency, it could take 3 days to 3 months.

5. How early (from the day of the project) do you plan a project?

Answer: Sometimes not early enough but at the end of the day it’s matter of completing the project within the goal time.

6. What’s the best thing about each project?

Answer: The lives we could change and the smiles on people’s faces.

7. What’s your favourite project to date?

Answer: The student empowerment workshop at Peliyagoda.

8. How does a person join ‘Hearts of Service’ if they wish to?

Answer: They could drop a message on our Facebook page, stating their name and contact number.

9. What’s your advice for anyone who wants to start a ‘Hearts of Service’ of their own?

Answer: Be you, take a leap of faith and bid farewell to naysayers.

Throwback To 2017

2017 was one of the most exhausting roller-coaster rides ever! 

Turned 18 – I’m an adult now. Was bridesmaid at a wedding. Sat for my a/levels, which I got through successfully. Started university. Started teaching. Started my own blog. Bought my first vehicle, a motor bike. Adopted my cute kitten, Velvet, who was found thrown in a ditch. Starting wearing the hijab, which is a milestone for me. I still am figuring out life as a hijabi. Experienced a loss of loved ones, making how fragile life is even more real.

Realized that unless I have a burning passion to do something, I’ll just do okay. Realized that I am very passionate about making this world a better place and changing lives any way I possibly can, be it through my career or simply being a very giving human. Realized that people can change in the blink of an eye. Realized that love is my greatest strength and greatest weakness. Realized that people will judge you as they please, misunderstandings are inevitable, but as long as you are true to yourself that’s all that really matters. God knows best.

Realized that no matter how much it does not feel like it sometimes, I am truly blessed. I’m truly grateful for the most loving, amazing and understanding parents anyone could ever ask for. I’m grateful for my extremely supportive family – immediate and extended. I’m grateful for all my friends, new and old. I’m grateful for all my dear readers who’ve taught me so much. I’m grateful that I’ve grown up to be the smart, independent, courageous and beautiful young lady I am. I’m grateful I realize that how happy or sad, loved or broken I feel inside, this is all a part of life, and I would not enjoy mine as much as I do any other way.

Thank you for bearing with me throughout the whole mushy touchy feely stuff. I hope you enjoy this video I’m sharing with you as a salute to 2017. I pray that 2018 turns out to be even more amazing, for all of us! Happy New Year!

With Love. 

PS – I know I’ve hardly blogged lately, I promise that will change from this blog.

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Happy Reading! 

Let’s End World Hunger

Have you ever wanted to end world hunger?

Of course you have.

I’m pretty sure that at least once in our life, that thought has crossed each and every one of our minds.

There’s a teeny tiny problem though. If we have all thought about it, why hasn’t it happened yet? Well, let me tell you why. It’s because you (yes you) haven’t read this conveniently inspiring article yet. I’m going to share a secret with you. I’m going to tell you how I think you and I could make this work.

There’s one little thing you gotta do before you read further. Press on that play button (if you can’t see a play button, that’s probably because you are not reading this on a web browser) and watch that short video. It won’t take much of your time.

Wow eh? I wouldn’t have added that to this article unless it was incredibly inspiring. If you were like me, you probably ended up replaying that video making your siblings and parents watch it too. If you were even more like me, you live in an extremely hot weathered country where you can’t seem to even stop withering away yourself. So how on Earth will you be able to grow crops?

Remember reading ‘conveniently inspiring’? The inspiring part is just over with (at least 90% of it), and the convenient part? I’m going to summarize all the best crops to grow in both hot and cold climates, just for you. This makes it so easy you don’t even have to waste a second more of your time figuring out what to grow. All you need to do is, get up, get your face off the screen and do your part to end hunger.

Warm Season –

  • Breakfast crops –
  1. Corn
  2. Sweet potato
  3. Cucumber
  4. Tomato
  5. Southern peas
  • Lunch/Dinner crops –
  1. Beans
  2. Eggplant
  3. Pumpkin
  4. Okra/Ladies fingers
  5. Zucchini
  6. Tomatillo
  7. Gourds
  • Dessert crops –
  1. Melons
  2. Watermelons
  3. Cantaloupe
  4. Honeydew

Cold Season –

  • Breakfast crops –
  1. Carrot
  2. Beets
  3. Turnip
  4. Potatoes
  5. English peas
  • Lunch/Dinner crops –
  1. Broccoli
  2. Brussels sprouts
  3. Cabbage
  4. Leeks
  5. Radish
  6. Spinach
  7. Parsley
  8. Celery
  9. Cauliflower
  10. Lettuce

These crops don’t fall into a warm or cold season category.

  1. Artichoke
  2. Asparagus
  3. Chive
  4. Parsnip
  5. Garlic
  6. Onion

Why I divided them under the ‘breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert’ categories was to clearly show that these crops are certainly enough to feed a person three times a day. You can most definitely use the crops for whatever meal you want.

I will be starting my own garden very soon, in aim to feed people who have no choice but to go hungry. There will definitely be more posts regarding this. I truly can’t wait to get out there, do my part and share how I did it with you. Get started, I know you wanna join me too.

With Love.


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My Take On The LGBT Community

Dear Readers,

I got triggered.

I’ve been keeping my mouth shut for quite a while now, but I personally think it’s time I say something.

So what exactly triggered me? Well, there was this video of LGBT acceptance in Sri Lanka which led me to refer the comments on it. Like you probably would have guessed by now, the comment section was filled with so much hate.

Here are a few of the comments,

“The bus should be driven straight to the nearest hospital for treatment.” 

“Here comes the cultural destruction of Sri Lanka, let’s call it for what it is, let’s not disguise immorality with “acceptance” and “kindness” to normalize it.”

“Homosexuality is a disease of mind, same as pedophiles who so-called ‘prefer’ children. Unnatural shit getting promoted. That’s all what this is about. I have no problem with gays or LGBT wierdos doing what they do, in private. It’s that they try to shove their so called ‘pride’ in other people’s faces. Please just do your hideous things in closed rooms. And one thing, see, almost no one gave a single fuck about your rainbow butterfly chickenshit anyway.”

“A fast growing disease in western countries now in SL. WTF?” 

“Yeaaaaaaaaakkk!!!! Homos…………. Who brought them here?” 

First of all, just what? Are you kidding me?

Let me tell you what I believe in and support, loud and clear, before you start coming to conclusions like me being gay.

I do NOT support homosexuality. Maybe it’s because my religion doesn’t, maybe it’s because of my Sri Lankan culture, maybe I just don’t think it’s human nature, but that doesn’t matter. I just don’t.

Me not supporting homosexuality doesn’t mean I hate homosexuals. Why would I? Homosexuality doesn’t make people who they are! If you love people for their sexual preference, you’ve clearly got a huge problem there. You should love people for who they are, not for their sexual preference.

Me not supporting homosexuality basically means that I wouldn’t say “I support homosexuality”. Simply because I don’t, and I wouldn’t want to lie to myself or the world about anything. Even that, maybe I would later on. Just to show the world that I (being a Muslim) don’t hate homosexuals and they shouldn’t either. Who knows?

Hate is a weak emotion, a sign of failure.

This applies to any kind of hate at all. From hating people without hurting them (and their feelings) at all, all the way to a massive act of terror.

The funniest thing is how people love to point out other peoples “immorality”. For crying out loud, get your own morals sorted out first. If you were actually a moral person, you wouldn’t be pointing out others faults (or ‘so called faults’ in your mind) in the first place.

Yes, I do understand that you are “entitled to your own opinion”. However, if your opinion is one of hate, I recommend you respect yourself and respect others and keep your opinions to yourself. Seriously! You are not getting yourself anywhere by expressing hate.

Also, who are you to judge other people? Do you think you are God? Well, let me tell you something. You are not. Only God can judge us for what we do. So why do you even bother? Is there something you get out of it?

Come on people! We are only humans. We all do things, right and wrong. We all have different likes and dislikes. We all have different things we support. We are all different. There is only one thing which keep us alike. Our humanity.

Are we really going to let our humanity disappear? I hope not!

With Love.


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Haters Gonna Hate – Potatoes Gonna Potate

Dear Haters,

I am flattered that I’m always a trending topic in your life. I have so much more in store for you. 

Please be patient.



Have you ever felt like no matter how good a person is, s/he will always have haters? 

It’s true. It is the norm these days. 

The reason behind this is because people identify themselves as their egos. For a lot of us, hate is an easy way out. Hate is easy, whereas love takes courage. 

But is hate a stronger emotion than love? 

Don’t be ridiculous. Of course not! 

The thing about love is that love is less showy. Love is slow and steady. On the contrary however, hate is obvious. Hate is loud and shrill. 

Here’s the tough one, 

What do you do when you get hate? 

  • Do you run and hide within the safety of your walls? 
  • Do you ignore the hate? 
  • Do you talk about it to someone else?
  • Do you confront the hater? OR
  • Do you keep the hate coming? 

All these are things you can do about it. Which one/s do you? 

If it is something to do behind the screen I would recommend you ignore it, talk about it to someone else or confront the hater (if you are bold enough). Whatever you are more comfortable doing.


You can’t be running and hiding from something which is not your fault. Ignoring hate might seem like the exact same thing, but it isn’t. There is a fine line between the two. The fine line being, ignoring hate means you are a wise person. 

You can always talk about it to someone else if you aren’t strong enough to handle it on your own. Oh darling, there is nothing wrong with not being strong enough. We are all different. Our strengths, our limits, they are not the same and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. So the next time you feel like you can’t handle it, promise me you’ll talk about it to someone else? 


Confronting the hater doesn’t mean you go and whack the living daylights out of him/her. You don’t wanna do that because you’ll most probably end up in prison. 

Yes, really!

So what do you do? Go and ask the hater why s/he hates you and see if you can resolve the problem behind it. It could always be a misunderstanding. If not, ask them to not try so hard because they are only wasting their time hating you. 

Haters gonna hate, just like potatoes gonna potate. 

However, if all this hate is on screen, from your blog for instance, then what do I recommend? 

Keep them haters coming. Blow them kisses and give them a warm welcome to your blog.  


They are going to provide you and your readers with the most hilarious, most naive comments ever! 

They think they are putting you down, but in reality they are only giving your blog more and more views than people who don’t hate you. 

All’s well, that ends well. 

Remember – 

Haters are gonna see you walk on water and say that’s because you can’t swim. 

This is all assuming you are a good person who has done nothing wrong to deserve hate. 

If not, get your shit sorted out! Don’t do things to deserve hate, that’s awful.

With Love.

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A Thank You Letter To God

Dear God,

This letter is something I’ve been wanting to write for a long long time. I’m so glad that I’m finally doing it!

Have I told you that I love you? I love you with all my heart! I am eternally grateful to you for everything you’ve done for me. Specifically though, I’m most grateful for these things you’ve done for me.

1. Thank you for making sure I was born to a Muslim family! Thank you for making it so easy for me to become a Muslim. While I do truly believe in Islam deeply, I don’t think I would have had the strength to convert to Islam from any other religion (major respect to people who’ve done so) because I wouldn’t want to become a disappointment to my family, no matter how much I believed in you. I am most eternally grateful to you for that.

2. Thank you for my amazing parents! My parents are truly the most wonderful parents ever! They have raised me up to become the lady I am with so much love and care, they are always there for me through thick and thin. While I do realize that most parents are like this to their children, my parents understand me deeply (I know a lot of children with parents who don’t understand them), and for that, I am blessed. I also see multiple cases in TV, where parents ill treat their children. Throw them away in garbage dumps when they are born, abandon them in far away places and even go to the extent of killing their own children. Thank you for giving me the privilege of being born as my parents’ child. No matter what our problems may be, no matter the struggle, it couldn’t get any better than them. 

3. Thank you for my amazing best-friend! Oh I was very careful with my word choice there, but I know you know what’s on my mind. I’m sorry that I fell in love with my best-friend if you think I shouldn’t have. It so happens that society has changed, and it’s difficult to not fall in love with someone. It’s not my parents fault. If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s mine. 100% percent. But the thing is, I know you love me more than anyone else. I know you’ll forgive me if it’s something seriously wrong. I know that my happiness means a lot to you. I am the happiest I’ve ever been when I’m with him dear God, you already know that. He has always been there for me, you already know that too. They say that everyone has a soulmate. I believe that he is my soulmate dear God. I pray every single day for your blessings to get us married and keep us together in heaven as well.

There are so much more things I am grateful for, but the list would just go on and on because I am grateful for everything you’ve done dear God. That everything is a humongous lot.

I know there are so many people who are getting more and more distant from you lately, but I promise I never will go there. I hope and pray that people will only get closer and not further apart from you.

Thank you for the gift of life! It truly is the most beautiful thing in the world.

With Love,

Just Another Believer.


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The Superficial Likes

Do you ever get frustated with consecutive ‘likes’ you get by the same person at the same time?

I do.

I can’t imagine why someone would ‘like’ my articles without even reading them (I know they haven’t because you obviously can’t read 10 articles in less than a minute). It’s the most annoying thing in the world to know that people don’t even know what you are sharing, but they ‘like’ your post anyway.

I do understand that there are plenty of people who genuinely like your content and press the like button and that’s perfect. However, the problem is that, it’s so easy to like something now, that everyone likes everything.

This is a kind request to my readers. Please only ‘like’ my articles if you genuinely actually think it is good. If you have the time, please drop down a comment too because who doesn’t find comments more real than likes?

‘Likes’ have become so superficial but nevertheless so important in people’s lives. Specially among young teenagers and young adults, and specially in social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Why? Well, what I feel is that people aren’t confident in their own skin. They have this constant need to get validation from other people about how good they look and what they are doing with their lives.

There is a thirst for social media acceptance. It has gone so far that there’s people who actually skip the wait and straight out ask you or drop a hint asking you to like their status or picture. Have you not experienced that?

Facebook has made it so that we can like almost anything, photos, posts, comments and even what the other person says in a conversation. In the near future it’ll even have an option where you can like a person on Facebook. How absurd is that?

I guess we are all guilty of at least one point in our lives checking our phones only a minute after we post something on social media just to see how many likes we’ve managed to accumulate.

While you can’t really say no to that habit immediately, given the norm of the society, I think it’s important that we all grow up and realise that there’s more important things to do with our lives than accumulate likes. It’s important to know that we don’t need the approval or validation of other people to be happy about who we are.

With Love.

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The Best Tips On Dealing With Stress

Dear Stress,

Let’s break up.

Sincerely, Me.

Stress is not what happens to us, it’s our response to it what happens. Response, is something we can choose.

Saying that, here’s a few tips on how to deal with stress.

This is the list I’ve written down in my notebook to deal with exam stress. I think this is ideal for students who are studying for an exam. If you aren’t a student studying for an exam, read this list anyway. Why? It’s bound to help any human. Don’t lie to yourself, I know you are stressed about something.

First things first – Relax for God’s sake! It’s good for you.

  • Meditate – This is a very common solution which is neglected very often. Doesn’t mean you have to roll your fingers and place them on either side of your knees. Just give your brain a rest, close your eyes, and meditate. Just for a few minutes per day.

  • Focus on your senses and breathe deeply – When your stressed, drop what you are doing for 5 minutes and focus only on one behavior with awareness. This could be the sound of rain, the feel of your skin, the smell of your clothes (preferably nice things).

  • Talk about it – Stress isn’t something you should deal with alone. There’s nothing to be ashamed of being stressed, everyone has been there at least once in their life. They know what you are going through. Talk about it to someone you trust, someone you can rely on. It’s very important to NOT bottle your feelings inside you. Don’t have someone to talk to? You can talk to me anytime.

  • Decompress – Close your eyes and relax your muscles. Relax all the muscles you possibly can, your face, neck, chest, back etc.. Place a warm heat wrap around your neck and shoulders for about 10 – 15 minutes if you feel like you need a really good treatment.

  • Get moving – Workout. Stretch your arms and legs. Dance. Go for a quick walk. Take the stairs up and down instead of the elevator. I’m not going to say it, but you and I know that there’s a lot you can do to get moving. So go ahead, get it done.

  • Laugh Out Loud – Lighten up yo! Read a comic. Chat with someone who makes you smile. It’s not going to kill you if you tune into your favorite comedy show in the middle of your work. Just make sure you don’t binge watch the entire season and forget about all your work.

  • Crank up the tunes – Listen to your favorite song. A song that gets you on your feet. Just crank up the volume, but make sure this doesn’t happen.

  • Eat dark chocolate – There’s really nothing more to say to this. Researchers found that eating the equivalent of one average-sized dark chocolate candy bar (1.4 ounces) each day for two weeks reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol as well as the “fight-or-flight” hormones known as catecholamines in highly stressed people. You didn’t need to know that to get you eating dark chocolate, did you?

  • Be grateful – Last but definitely not the least. Have a gratitude journal (or use your phone for it), and jot down all the things that are good in your life. Remember to take it out and read it when you are stressed, and be happy about all of them good things.

That is that. Thank me later.

With Love.

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My Morning Routine – Why I Schedule Everything

Aloha readers!

I realized I may be overwhelming your email inbox with articles, and I’m not sure if you like it or not. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t overwhelm your reader with too many articles – unless you are Shakespeare or J.K. Rowling maybe. Also with my exams being only a month away, I decided to plan out a schedule – even for my blogs.

Scheduling could be a very effective tool for time management and help you immensely actually (if you want it to help you and take it seriously). It helps to not waste time thinking “What do I do now?” and start working on your next ‘thing to do’ immediately.

It doesn’t mean that you are a ‘boring ‘person because you aren’t spontaneous. It means that you are clearly aware of all the things you have to do, and you want them done.

Since when does being smart mean you are boring? Absurd.

Starting from today (at-least until my exams are done), I decided to post one article per day, at 6am. You can use the world clock to check what time that is in your state/country and read it right when it is published.

I hope this works for the best, for you and me. Cheers! Happy Reading!

With Love.

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